Open Diary will be re-launching on January 26th! Have a question? Please see the information below.


  1. When will Open Diary re-launch?

    We are currently testing the site with a small number of former members, we are expecting to relaunch the site to the public on January 26th.

  2. Is my diary still on the site?

    All diaries that were still on the site when it shut down are still there – nothing has been deleted or removed, unless it was deleted by the owner of the diary before the old site shut down.

  3. How will I access my old diary?

    When you come to http://www.opendiary.com, there will be a reclaim process that will allow you to reset your password through your email, if it is the same email address you had as an OD member.

  4. What if I don’t have access to my old email address?

    For people who don’t have access to their old email address, there will be a reactivation process on the new site that will allow you to try to reclaim your old diary. Knowing the diary name, old password, old email address (even if you don’t have access to it) and any other identifying information for the diary will help with that.

  5. Will Lifetime members still have a subscription to the new site?

    Yes, any member that had a Lifetime subscription on the old site will continue to have a Lifetime subscription on the new site.

  6. What if I was a free user when the site shut down?

    Any members who were using the site for free when it was shut down will receive thirty days of free service on the new site, during which time they can choose to start a new subscription, or otherwise try out the service. Free users will have access to all the features of OD for thirty days, except for uploading images into their diary – that is limited to paid subscribers.

  7. Will there be a free option for using the new Open Diary?

    For a number of reasons, the new Open Diary will be launching as a subscription-only site. We believe it is the best way for us to deliver the highest-quality experience for everybody. Additionally, having a subscription site will help us to protect our members from random spamming or attacks that have made other social sites difficult to live in.