She was raised to be better.  She was raised to be stronger.  She was supposed to stand up for herself.

How did she find herself here?  AGAIN.

She finally put the one man behind her who she never thought from which she would recover.  Years of physical abuse.  The constant battle to leave, and stay gone.  Without the guilt of being dragged back in.  Only to start the cycle again.  5 years, she finally escaped.

She was healing.  She was finding herself again.

Then he came along.  He came along with his promises.  His protection.  His companionship.

He gave her a daughter.  To which she discovered, was the absolute love of her life.

But, all that he brought, all that she felt for him, it was a farce.  Years of her life, lied to, betrayed, taken for granted.

She broke again.

But she had one reason to keep going.  Her daughter.  So, she picked herself up, hugged her daughter, and onward they went.

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September 7, 2020

Ohhhh. Hugs for You

September 9, 2020

@thirteendogs Thank you! 🙂

September 7, 2020

Love comes in many forms. So does hate unfortunately. :/

September 9, 2020

@ailurophileforever Absolutely!