I have been thinking about it … Doomsday.. will people learn… what will happen, what turn will humankind take.. and now I’ve stopped. If this, if that. No point in trying to catch the sands of time, as they will always shift and slip away. To understand the future and the purpose, is to know all of God’s ways, to understand the Spiral, which is always enriching, expanding and acquiring new meanings. Hence, the best I can do is try to have a positive and meaningful impact. Other than that, people will be people and they will do what they do, so come what may, and let’s focus on salvation for all life and all means to maintain immortality and future for all, be it for the sinful ones, the saints or the lost souls.. somewhere.. in between.. probably in Atlantis… Or who knows? Even Looney tunes characters are real in some ream, so we’d better be careful what we create, for everything is alive. Talk about responsibility, huh?

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