And the Red Pen

Something I’m having some anxiety over… Yesterday on our conference call boss lady asked me to speak because we went from having 0 customer surveys to 10 surveys, so we went from being nobodies to being district leaders in that area. And if you’ve ever worked retail, you understand the pressure to get good customer surveys, credit cards, emails and all that stuff. Its all counted and scored- and just know for those of you who choose not to do the survey or give your email… While you completely have the right to refuse, someone else’s job may depend on it. It isn’t right, it isn’t fair, but its the way that it is. But I get it. I don’t always give mine out, either. I do try to complete surveys when the service I received was good. You should too.

Anyway, boss lady asked me to take a moment and explain what changed for us that caused us to turn around so dramatically and I said first of all it’s the fact that I was tired of being one of two stores that had zero surveys which caused someone to chuckle but it was an honest answer. And then I said the short, real answer is consistency because we weren’t giving the survey out to every single person before, and now we are.

And then I told her also, I’m just going back to the basics and spending more quality time with her because with COVID rising and people being nervous, she’s putting her mask on and making the conscious choice to come see us and that’s a big deal. She’s trusting us and we need her, and we’re so thankful and grateful that she’s allowing us the opportunity. And I kind of rambled on in a tangent about it because I was nervous and couldn’t figure out how to say what I wanted to say. That probably surprises you that I, A Caricature, would be at a loss for words. But the thing is that I just have so many words that I’m not sure how to cut them down to just a few in order to convey what I’m trying to get across.

And I finished my statement with …annnd that’s about it! And then my boss says, yeah, and the red pen, right? Also the red pen.

And then I realized maybe I didn’t answer the question as directly and concisely as I should have and I felt like a complete idiot. I probably sounded like an incompetent, rambling leader to the rest of the group, and my boss probably regretted calling on me to begin with. The red pen is true. We write our names on the bottom of the receipt and we draw a heart around them in red pen so the customer’s eye gets led down there and is reminded to take the survey.

But you know, I really don’t think that’s why she took the survey- just because she saw the heart. I think she’s taking it because I am thanking her, and I’m telling her that we’re so appreciative and grateful for her. I’m taking the time and listening to her worry about her family, her kids and the state of the world. She feels funny about spending money on herself when she has no where to go and nothing to do, but I’m telling her she deserves it. She’s asking how my business is doing and I’m telling her that we have our good days and bad days, but we appreciate her business because she makes a difference to our little store. And I think that’s why she takes the survey… so that was my honest answer. But I didn’t say it right.

… But also the red pen.

Gah, I am such an idiot.

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November 17, 2020

Say it isn’t so!  In 25 words or less.  lol  I had surgery and noticed they were having a survey contest.  I filled out a survey form on each person who took care of me.  When I put them in the survey box eyebrows were lifted.  I truly wanted to thank each one because my experience was top notch.

November 17, 2020


I dont know if its possible for me to say anything in 25 words or less. And good for you for filling out the survey and recognizing the surgical team for their good work. Its such a little thing, and it does take a few moments out of your day to do it, but it makes a huge difference especially when you put someone’s name in there and thank them personally.

And by the way, this response is 80 words. 😅

November 17, 2020

@acaricature 😂

November 17, 2020

I think your answer was great and honestly I believe you’re right. It wasn’t because of the red pen. It wad because you were so personable!

We get popups from Rogers and what have you, with a survey and the promise of a reward after? I don’t do them bc I have a phone I like,  and y’know?

November 17, 2020

Nope…you’re NOT an idiot.  You’re fighting for you, your store, your staff, your company, your very existence.  There’s Zero reason to think you’re an idiot.

And…you’re wordy.  And you go in tangents.  And you’re highly intelligent.  And you’re trying to hit so many points when you’re not prepared you end up jumping about trying to get them all.  It’s understood…I’m the same way.  (Not trying to make it about me…just trying to relate).  It’s more than understandable to us weirdos.  😁