Lady Alicia of Winterfell

Of course in my heart, I see myself as more of a Targaryen, but have you seen this snow? Holy cow. We haven’t seen this kind of snow in a long time. And because of where we’re located in our state, even if areas around us get it we typically don’t. I feel bad for the kids though because prior to covid this would have been a really good snow day. This month would have been a really good snow month.

I’m off today, so I’m going to take round two to get to the eye doctor. They bumped my appointment several hours later than it was supposed to be. I really wanted to ask them what the heck, you can bump me two hours today but couldn’t budge 8 minutes last week? Assholes. Oh well. I guess in that respect we’re a slave to the system.

My store is selling fixtures like crazy, and its weird. I’ve been pressured from liquidator Yolanda to make more effort to sell fixtures… and I’m been ignoring her completely. Its not MY prerogative to sell the fixtures. I’M not trying to liquidate my store or my company. I feel like, the liquidators want to make money so badly off of us, then THEY need to do the leg work themselves to destroy my store. I know that really isn’t how this works… My company hired them to help us liquidate so we can pay off our creditors. And we did that. We went from chapter 7 to a better chapter 11.

I guess now I just feel super salty about the whole situation because our liquidators decided to buy us. I feel like its… something. Deceitful maybe is a good word? They were amazed at the loyalty and upset of our customers, and they know 100% the only reason why our brand failed is because of covid- not because we aren’t a good company, or a good brand. In fact, for so many women, we’re the only place they will shop. Potential investors and buyers have said it publicly that they’ve never seen brand loyalty like ours. Truthfully, I’ve worked for a lot of companies and I haven’t either. The thing is getting people to know us since we don’t advertise. That’s the challenge, and in that, I think we failed miserably. So many women are upset that they JUST found us, and now we’re leaving too, just like all their past favorite places to shop. Cest la vie. I digress. Its just fucked up that the company we paid to liquidate us very well possibly may end up owning us, however they have zero interest in stores. So yeah. Yolanda and her company can sell my fixtures- they’re about to be their problem anyway if they win the auction on the 19th.

But I put a post up on my shop local Facebook community anyway and its been blowing up. I’ve sold SO many fixtures and mannequins in the past 3 days, its crazy. But in a way I’m glad to be able to have reached out to some local businesses via social media to let them know we have generously priced, sturdy fixtures, and that they’re coming to get them.  Maybe one day I’ll venture into their boutiques and recognize my mannequins, or my jewelry table, which is gone. That was like a centerpiece in my store. I was one of the few stores that had a brand new one. It was way too big for us, but it made it a very showcase piece. I hope the new owners enjoy it. I kind of hope that over the next two days, all the fixtures are SOLD so when I get back I just don’t have to deal with it anymore. Thaaats not going to happen though.

Reign is upset again today. He’s got the puberty mood swings. I’m 100000% sure of it. He’s also got little pimples on his face. Oh.My.God. I knew this day would come, but I am NOT ready. Haha, when Aunt Linda asked me if I wanted another one, I’m like heck no- I get it. It’s traditional for Hispanic women to have big families but WHY would I want to do this all over again? I guess in a way its a learning experience for us both. He’s figuring out himself and the reality of this cruel world we live in, and I’m learning how to give him space to figure it out which isn’t easy for me. I have to remember that this isn’t personal. He’s just going through a season, and seasons pass. I just want to hug him, and squeeze him, and ruffle his curly hair, even though he smells strange most days. But damn if he doesn’t dodge me! Fine. Be that way. I’ll love on my dog instead. Princess won’t ever deny me!

I’ve come up with a new cruel and unusual punishment for Reign. Because Nanny has imparted him with greed and entitlement and he thinks he knows better than everyone all of a sudden, I’ve decided to stop funding his unnecessaries. If he doesn’t NEED it, I’m not buying it. He can do chores to earn money and use it however he chooses. But on the contrary, if he does something unacceptable, like lying, cheating, or getting caught doing something he isn’t supposed to do, he’s got to pay a tax. Meaning, he won’t earn all his chore money, and he’s currently in debt for lying and surfing the web in school when he was supposed to be in group. … I can’t blame him, but its still unacceptable.

I also want to tell you a story about cupcakes, but I need to go put pants on so that I might see my optician mostly decently.

To be continued!

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3 weeks ago

in slow menacing tones Go to Nunavut!

3 weeks ago

I watched the local news earlier and the anchor led into the weather with, “It feels like the snow is never-ending”.  Oh, puh-lease…it’s been snowing lightly here for three days, but nowhere near consistent or in heavy amounts.

I’m not sure who bought Sharper Image when it went under and I was selling fixtures same as you…but it mostly also went online.  You can see product brand stuff in places like Walgreens, but it’s not the same.  When the chain became the victim of a hostile takeover, the new owners immediately set course for the nearest land mass and proceeded to run it into the ground.  I mean, it didn’t take a year and the new owners were drawing every penny from it they could.  It was only a part time job for me, but dammit, that whole thing felt PERSONAL.