Morning Musings

I finally went to the grocery store!! Justin and I ran out last night. FINALLY! We spent way, way too much money and it feels like we got nothing. We got some good steaks because Reign’s been asking for steak. We got pork butt- one of my personal favorites… People who don’t eat pork outside of religious reasons aren’t doing it right. Carnitas and pernil? Get outta here and go get a recipe! We got some sausages, some hamburger. I always have chicken thighs in the freezer- another one of my go-to’s. Again, white meat only eaters… we live on different planets. You don’t know what you’re missing! Besides that, I got some fruit, some spices I ran out of, some freezer food for the Mom’s not cooking days. Some snacky things for Reign’s lunch although he’s got some strange requests lately. He was asking for slim jims… blech. They didn’t have packs of them where we went, so that was an easy No.

I think its very generous, and cool, and also convenient that Reign’s school which starts up next week is giving all of the kids free breakfast and lunch in the classroom. It’ll be very helpful for us because Reign is particular about his lunches- he doesn’t really like to take leftovers to reheat unless it’s certain things, but in general he doesn’t eat leftovers at all. Which is a pain. My stance is, eat the leftovers or starve. Your call! I’m not cooking a different meal for you every single day- I’m not Nanny. Nanny and I cook very differently. Nanny opens the box, or opens the jar, heats up the thing and voila! You get a new meal prepared every day because its… instant! I do not buy instant or canned foods. I do use canned diced tomatoes, and I do buy kraft mac n cheese, ramen, knorr pasta sides. But ONLY because Justin and Reign are capable of handling that themselves. Those are part of the Mom’s not cooking menu. But yeah… school is providing free breakfast and lunch to all students. I don’t know how they can afford it. I think its great, and it saves me grocery and irritation for sure trying to figure out what Reign will eat that day. Maybe the school got a grant. I wonder if all schools are doing this?

I was thinking about Reign’s birthday which is coming up next month. March 13th! Reign’s my little pisces, my little water baby. So full of life, and so irritating. We’ve never thrown him a birthday party. When he was young we used to do “surprise” parties and fill the house with streamers and balloons, but he’s never had an actual birthday celebration type of thing. We’ve never really had tons of friends or been socially inclined to that extent to have anyone to celebrate with, so it’s always been family. At some point, when he was old enough to want things, we started travelling around his birthday. It was a good excuse to take a vacation, and also I feel like it kind of helped to teach him that we can get gifts that we’ll play with once or twice and shove under the bed forevermore, or we can have experiences. We can’t do both. And Reign decided he’d rather “create new memories” as he puts it. For the last few years he’s chosen to go to Great Wolf Lodge but this year he’s just a little too big I think. Technically he’s not… he’s definitely young enough to still enjoy Great Wolf Lodge, but he’s damn near the size of a grown man. He’s 5’4, 5’5ish. I’m 5’4, and we’re eye level, but he may be slightly taller than me. Depends on the shoes.

Either way, when he does things the other 10/11 year olds do, it can be strange looking because he looks older than what he is. It’s always been that way. I remember when he was very very little and he’d throw a tantrum in the grocery store when we lived in Ohio, people would stop and try to reason with him. I’d have to tell them… thank you for trying to help us, but he doesn’t understand you. He’s 2. No really. He’s 2. And the whole, kids eat free or are admitted free under a certain age? Same deal. He’s X. No really. He’s X. I know. But he is. Side eyes all around.

Since I’m an early tax return filer, I’ve already gotten both my federal and state accepted so now I’m waiting for them to process. State is usually faster for whatever reason. I was thinking about booking a trip to Universal, which Justin is kind of on the fence about because he doesn’t want to wear the mask. And I get it because now that we have multiple covid strains- one was bad enough, I’m kind of weary of it myself. BUT they have capacity limits in all parks, AND flights and resort packages are half the cost of what they were last time I checked. Its one of those vacations where isn’t realistic or practical for us to even budget for. With all that’s going on in our lives, its just way too expensive. But now… less people AND less money? Hmmm…. I don’t know. The scales of logic are leaning toward don’t go. Use the money toward bills, especially since I’m about to be unemployed. But still. The Devil on my shoulder says if I’m unemployed, I’ll have to put my goals on pause anyway so…. Why not? Because pandemic. And because I heard people in Florida don’t wear masks from people who have recently visited and also who live there. So… Extra pandemic.

I don’t know. I’ve got to go to work, either way. I should have gotten ready to go an hour ago. Clearly I’m not in a rush to be there on time. I’m very reluctant about this because we have two weeks left. Literally. Next Saturday we work, and the following Saturday I’ll lock the gate for the last time. I’ll clock out for the last time. I’ll box up whatever is left and ship it to wherever I’m told, and that’s it. Just 14 calendar days to go. Beyond that, they’re calling for a dangerous ice storm starting at 11am lasting all day. Today really isn’t worth it. It’s really not. Big sigh to the commitments.

Have a great day.

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3 weeks ago

I traveled to the PNW from Cali and there was a sparse population of people on the plane and everyone wore their masks.  I imagine if you are going to a touristy place, then most of the other people there will also be tourists, so masks.

I like your OD “handle”.  The Queen of Wands is a very nice card!!

2 weeks ago

He’s 5’4″…at 11-ish???  What have you been giving that boy, Miracle-Gro?

My hometown public schools (if not the whole state of Iowa, I forget which it is) does the free meals for everyone too.  I think they were borne out of USDA Federal grants, IIRC.

Hope your roads weren’t completely screwy. Over the last week, people have been wrecking all over on the interstates…but they don’t know how to drive in snow either.  Weird for Midwesterners.  I end up taking this weird pride in being able to drive in the stuff where others apparently have a lack of skill to do the same.  🙂