The Thursday Before

You know I never checked my numbers at work yesterday to see what I needed to make on Black Friday. Whyyy is that not a priority to me? You gotta remind me later!! Haha.

As soon as I got to work yesterday and saw the rack of brand new clothes still standing there all numbers went out the window. Normally one of the first things I do is check all the reporting that come across from the day before but I didn’t so I have no idea about anything for yesterday or the day before that. I just don’t know anything. I’m too busy. Ask someone else.

Plus we ended up getting 3 more boxes of new clothes of which I did get through all but one. But I had to jump right into remerchandising all my walls and fixtures visually in order to highlight Black Friday door busters plus fit all this new stuff out. I had to minimize my displays and add more jet rails for excess inventory. I had to replace a 4 way fixture- a big metal fixture with 4 bars sticking out of it with an even bigger rounder because we’re having a special sale on sweaters. My store is so teeny that even though it calls for rounders in the front of the store, we were told not to do it. Well, I personally wasn’t told that, but the girls told me that Lisa said no. Lisa told ME however that I can do whatever I want. She’s right though, my store is too small for these big fixtures. But ya know what? It’s holiday. Go big or go home. Actually. Please don’t go home. Buy my stuff. I really need you to buy my stuff. And even though my store is extremely tight because it’s so packed with stuff, and fixtures, and racks, and deals deals deals, technically its still ADA compliant. I know because I walked my store with my handy dandy yardstick for spacing. BAM!

And the new stuff…. about 11 boxes of new stuff this week… its from the new collection coming to stores after Christmas. Which bothers me because we still don’t have the full Christmas line- there are a lot of items customers were offered in the direct mailers (the brochures and booklets sent to their homes) but they aren’t available online or in stores yet. That being said, the new stuff hitting our stores right now is from the “Resort” collection. Yes, as in, vacation. As in, spring/summer 2021. So, with your Christmas sweater you can also pick up a nice peach colored scarf and pair of shorts to get you started. It’s bananas. Well, in truth, the shorts/capris were left over from this past summer since we were furloughed. I have tons of summer bottoms left. I had put it all in the stockroom for safe keeping recently but drug it all back out. There is not a thing in the stockroom and we are ready!

And I have to still talk to Carol today. Its been three days since the incident and I don’t really want to do this anymore. I’ve lost my fire in the situation… I’ve lost my momentum. But I do think I need to. I think it needs to be done. I guess its good because I can talk to her without feeling angry. Hell, she’ll probably anger me upon entry anyway. She’s like an energy vampire. As soon as she enters the store its like oh boy- here we go. Every. Single. Time. And, I do have a backup plan if she quits. Krissy said she could stay a little later on Black Friday. Barb said I could call her in if I need her. All bases covered- lets go. I think, should Carol decide to put her tail between her legs and concede, I’m going to have her make phone calls all day. We need some business and it’s a good way to do it.

“Hi there, this is Carol from C&B! From our family to yours, we wanted to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! We also want to invite you to join us this Friday, from 7am until 9pm and Saturday 10am to 9pm. Thank you for being a friend, and have a great holiday.

Sound good? I think so.

Gah, everyone is calling me asking me when we’re doing the turkey day festivities. Well, Mom’s texting and Nanny called. It always amazes me how they live together, but they don’t plan things together. They always call me. I feel like since they are the majority, they should decide what they want to do and then fill me in. My Mom calls me and we discuss, and then she’s always like, well I’ll talk to Mom (Nanny). Shortly thereafter or sometimes during my conversation with Mom, Nanny will call. She doesn’t text. Nanny and I discuss, and she’s like, well, I’ll ask your mother. But neither of them ask each other… they just wait for me to decide things. And, its even more interesting when I’m on the phone with one of them, and then the other one calls me, and they’re both home at the same time and don’t realize that I’m on the phone with the other. Mom wants to play board games. Mom wants. Mom wants. This should be… interesting.

This morning on the news there was a young man talking about flying at the airport, how he isn’t afraid to do it and how he’s wearing his mask, social distancing, washing his hands, all that stuff. He said it was important for him to travel because he hasn’t seen his mother since 2018. Reign was up in arms over that. He thought it was completely crazy that a person wouldn’t see their mom in two years and he assured me that while he may go to Grandma’s house on the weekend, he will always come back. He will never go without seeing me. Awe. My baby. I ought to record these things and remind him when he goes full blown teenager and changes his mind.

Do you have any holiday activities planned with your families? I hope that ‘rona hasn’t ruined this for you!

See ya later all, have a great day.

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November 25, 2020

I let out a long gut like laugh at the communication issue.  Same here chez tracker.  Sugar Plum and I text from my room to her in the living room.  Too much trouble to talk face to face.  lol.  If important we’ll use the phone.  We discuss and do what Sugar Plum decides.  It is funny that they wait for you to decide.  I think the relationship between the 3 of you is cute.  🙂

November 25, 2020


Nooooo!! Whyyyy do you do that! Shame on both of you 😂! We’re very blessed to have 4 generations together and well. Nanny > Mom > Me > Reign.. Reign is very lucky to know his great grandmother and how wonderful she is.

November 25, 2020

Your mom and nana sound like my parents…mom can be perfectly capable to ask dad something about her cell phone or the laptop I bought her last Christmas, but she’d rather call me instead.  Might have something to do with dad always being mega-impatient with mom and raises the voice like she’s stupid…😐  But they don’t much communicate either.  I can say something to dad, then mom will ask me about it a couple of days later, or vice versa.  Dudes, are you NOT sharing the same calendar on the inside of the door to the upstairs…?

Blackmail of kids is everything…ha!  Though I didn’t ever really have a ton to blackmail Stevie with…I’d mainly tell her she wasn’t allowed to grow up, and she’d just laugh at me…kids.  Gah!  We love ’em anyway.

Yes, Carol SHOULD be sequestered to a phone booth somewhere far away to where she’s not vamping energy from anyone.  Hang a clove of garlic for an extra barrier…not that it does anything for energy vampires, but it might be a signal of sorts. Add in a cross for universal effect.  😅

November 25, 2020


The calendar is on their fridge 😄