Busy Busy Weekend Planned

Baby girl is with her dad this weekend.

My girl is coming over to bring me a pressure washer for my patio tonight and we are gonna spray paint a table! Adulting! That’s HOT right? lmao

She wants to go get a burrito somewhere; I am down for that for sure!  It is on my to-do list!

Church has a Care Event tomorrow at 9 am. I signed up for growing up in an abusive home.

After, I think I am going to get some rose bushes to plant out back. Hopeful my friend is not allergic to those! She swears she is allergic to outside though.

Sunday I was thinking about bringing my stalker-self  back to church again but if I show up at 9:15 am and don’t hear from you up there I am gonna be SUPER MAD about it. Unless there was a special delivery, then I would overlook it. I am still sitting in the back but Ill wear a pretty dress lol

Sunday night I have tickets to see To Kill a Mockingbird at Playhouse with my bestie.

I’ll probably clean a toilet or 3 and mops some floors too.  Super Stocked about that! #MomLife

Way to much adulting happening this weekend!



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5 days ago

Let’s not forget I have to go to Aldi my refrigerator shelves are naked!!

5 days ago

I love my friends. Do you want to go to the garden center with me to get rose bushes? Sure , we can go to Kerns by you. You will like them they love Jesus! 😂🤣😂