I am way to excited about this shirt!!!

Amazon just made my day. I am throwing a St Patrick’s Day divorce party and I had to buy it. Sometimes I am an asshole. I try to keep her in the shadows, but she likes to be noticed. She has a potty mouth and an attitude problem; do not encourage her. Please Mister Geppetto, I don’t want a real boy, I want a real man. Can you grow that Pinocchio up for me? Can you make him unselfish and not a liar? Not today? Okay, back to reality. I got some sweet shamrock leggings to go with it. I am gem; multifaceted. Send her though the fire and see what happens.  We are still working on maturing some parts of her. I don’t know how old she is. I don’t know how anyone keeps a straight face with him sometimes, that’s a challenge. Ok go range the park and leave me alone. Ill pack you a picnic basket, you can go play with Yogi and Boo-Boo.

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