Just kidding!

Looks like tonight is actually my first night as a single woman. The court just filed the dissolution decree yesterday I got an email. Just me and Price Charles here at the castle tonight, and my wine.  Princess Madelyn is with her dad. I made that call today and left a message. Prince Charles is my cat, he thinks he is in charge. I adopted him from the shelter in February 2011 just before I got back together with my ex. I rented my first house after college and wanted company. My WiFi was named Prince Charles’ Castle. It is funny we have come full circle back to square one. I wore my T-shirt today “my ex waiting for someone better than me” I made a few stops on the way home from work and forgot I had it on. It is a big hit with everyone. Maybe I should wear it to church, free advertising lol.  I survived exposure therapy last night at the basketball game. My stomach was a bit upset prior to the game but once I was there I was fine. He didn’t try to speak to me or sit next to me. We won! I slept without music playing last night, baby steps. Baby girl was fighting the sleep.  She thought sitting on moms stomach and jumping up and down cackling was more entertaining. I made one beautiful baby man, those eyes!







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March 24, 2022

Good luck with the next chapter of your life!

March 25, 2022

may you have a fantastic single life!