Practicing gratitude

I want to thank God for my friend Angie. She has been such an amazing support to me over the past year. I wasn’t paying attention again and God put her in my path. He really knows what I need and always shows up for me. She is turning 40 a few months after me. She doesn’t understand me sometimes. She does not know God, she says no to kids and I confuse her with all my girly feelings 😂 “That is a lot of feelings Sarah”  She lets me have them though. We read books, drink craft beer and share TikToks. She can handle my potty mouth and my teenage attitude problem. We are planning a trip to IKEA and plant shopping for spring. I wanted a Lilac bush for my patio and she is allergic. The sacrifices I make for the people I love. I’ll put one in the front yard. 

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