Practicing gratitude

Day 10: Today I am grateful for my mom Harriette , it is her birthday. I talked to my mom everyday on the phone, unless she was mad at me because I told her no. When she was mad she would not answer my calls. She lived like 7 minutes away so I usually saw her multiple times a week also. She knew when I was off work, I was barely in the car and she was calling me everyday. She was lonely. I was the black sheep of my family always try to leave the nest; searching for something. I am still not sure what? Freedom? She passed away 8 years ago, I miss her. Do not plan a wedding while grieving, it is a bad idea! It feels sad she didn’t get to meet Madelyn but I am grateful she got to be Nana to Ant for a while. She loved him so much.

Dec 2010 My College Graduation

We got in a fight about that. I invited my stepmother and step siblings. My mom said if I invited them she was not coming. I said “Fine, don’t come!”  Those damn mommy issues of mine.

1982 This looks like my 1st Christmas

June 1998

This is the last picture of my family together. I can see my teenage attitude problem all over my face. My sister died in November that year.

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