Practicing gratitude

Day 4: What is your happiest childhood memory?

This is a challenging question. I really struggle to remember the positives from my childhood. One year at a work we had a Christmas gift exchange. They asked people to go around the room and share a happy Christmas memory from childhood; I got up and left the party because I didn’t know how to answer it. This was pre therapy days.

Anyway, when I was a teenager I took my first ride on a plane. I got to go on vacation with my sister just before we found she was sick. I went with her and her best friend to Minnesota. We went to the mall of America and I remember the Minnesota Zoo.  I am happy I got to spend that time with her. That would not be my choice of vacation spots today lol.

I want to go to Fiji! Give me a beach, a drink with an umbrella, and a book. Can someone else plan it and just let me show up? Looks like a good honeymoon spot. Someday!


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