Well that was insightful

Just left the care event.  Growing up in an abusive home. Could I be anymore dysfunctional? Probably not!! Did they hold this event just for me? Wow!!! You are going to put it right in my face like that. This just feels Rude!!! 🤣 It was so hard not to laugh when this guy started started talking about living in fantasy land. 😂  You struggle with intimate relationships. Whatever!! Someday!! You are annoying the shit out of me!!







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4 days ago

The therapist holding the class is single, no ring! I mean he is retired so that may be out of my age bracket a little to much. I don’t think I have that many daddy issues. 😂 I think we had a moment though, he did give me his phone number and email address, he uses aol too! I mean he gave them to the whole class but this lala land I make the rules down here. 😂 9 months is a long time, you can grow a human in that amount of time. I love Jesus!! Jesus loves me!!!!!

4 days ago

I still have to wait! This is stupid!!! Lol