What was the goal?

I don’t know. I showed up to church tonight, walked in the front and out the back. I sat outside on a bench for a minute before leaving. I don’t need to be here; I should be at kickboxing. I made a poor food choice and went to pick up my baby from her dads, that was the interesting part. I was in my old house, with my ex, the kids, the dogs and I felt ok. I was not angry. I was not sad. I was not confused. I was not scared. I danced to the chicken nugget song with Ant, laughed with Madelyn, talked with my ex and felt ok. I made the right choice for everyone, a very hard choice but a necessary change. I am right where I belong today, God brought me here and I trust him to lead me where I need to go. Where that is I don’t know. I remember Pastor Matt from my old church talking about walking the same path, to the same place, at the same pace. My ex and I were never doing that. This was the right decision, and I made a good choice. When the time is right, I will find my partner. Until then I will work on the shoe problem. I just ordered 3 new pairs! Don’t judge me.



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