Come along baby [pics]

[2:09 pm] OH my fucking God! I’m going to post this last entry and then I’m out! This SHIT!! KEEPS! DELETING MY ENTRIES!! I’ll type something out and take a call and it’s gone! This isn’t like Prose Box where you can write it out, shut your phone off and come back six days later and pick up where you left off!

I had this awesome entry about my past on here. I had old photos from when I was on Teen Open Diary and Free Open Diary getting 100 notes an entry. I personally think most of them were old guys pretending to be girls to get nudes from a 16 year old boy.

I did post pictures like this so it’s safe to say 16 year old me was pretty stupid.

That was a temporary tattoo by the way.

Let up jump cut to 21 year old me. Back when I was dating Adrienne, my boss. I’m surprised Dillard’s is still kicking it with how the malls are going out of business and Sears being gone.

21 year old me was looking a little ugly towards the end there.

Now, let’s have a look at 23 year old me. Alyssa is in this one but she’s not showing her face. She got married to some ugly dude (and has a baby) who I’m told is rich or some shit. I’ sstill single.

I can see the slow decline of aging taking effect.

Jump cut to February of 2017 and I lost 40 pounds. I got fat. I was up to 203 pounds and I have photos to prove it. I won’ opost them here since it’ll probably delete my shit if I open up a second window. I’ cconstantly having to type a little bit and then draft save it or ELSE.

This is me at 161 pounds. I think this was taken in March. I met a cute redhead via Facebook who turned out to be married. We hit it off and she told me to cut my hair. So I did. Her husband supposedly found out about me and she stopped talking to me. So I wrote some shit saying I tried to kill myself (which isn’t that far off from my normal day to day life) and someone told her. Those Prose Box peeps.

It wasn’t my smartest move but I’m not know for making calculated moves. She stopped talking to me and blocked me.

We didn’t talk for a few months and around Easter Sunday of 2017, I sent her a message. I just wished her a happy Easter and we started talking. I told her that I missed her and she told me that she missed me. I went to bed happy. I woke up the next day and she sent me a message saying I was an ass and I got blocked, again.

This was all via Instagram. The day before I posted a photo of me and this girl friend of mine (she looked so awful in it) and I think that’s why she blocked me. I think she thought that I was trying to have two girls at the same time which is weird since she’s married. That girl wasn’t even hot to me. I mean, she is beautiful. A ton of guys hit on her and I just don’t see it. She’s thin, makes good money and has a fast car. I just don’t see her as a girl I want to date. Do you know what I mean?

I think that’s why she blocked me.

That was me before I cut my hair.

This is Sarah. She got pregnant and gave birth a few weeks ago. She’s still with her abusive husband. I shouldn’t know this shit since it makes me look like a stalker, but I care about her. If she needed help I’d be there and I’d kick that fucker in the balls! Or the shin bone. As an adult I haven’t hit mine in ages until a few weeks ago. It was like reliving pain from 1994.

This is Sarah.

Now before anyone gets pissed off, if it’s publicly shared via social media, it’s free for the taking. Just like my 16 year old me photos. Anyways, here’s a cute one of her. Her hair is amazing but then again, all redheads are. The dude in blue is her husband.

So now we’re coming to the end of it. I post photos so whoever reads this can get a picture.

I fucking hate reading entries where people describe someone. Post a picture!! It makes the reading more interesting. Like a picture book with a few words.

So let’s end it with my picture from yesterday. Or the day before. Something.

I’m at 184 pounds. I’e aalso grown my hair back to pre Sarah time and I’ll get a trim in a month or two. If you look back at the other photo you’ll see that I had some awesome jagged layering going on.

Now as always, I name every title after a song. This one came from “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac, but slowed down. There’s this band called Together that did an amazing take on it. I saw it on an episode of dead malls by some guy named Dan. I think that’s his name. So here’ t link to the song if you want to listen to it. Skip to the 1:00 minute mark. I like it.

So until everything is patched up, I’ll be on Prose Box. I know this is normal but I’ll write in here in a month or so once all the issues are worked out.

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January 31, 2018

I remember you. I actually specifically came on OD looking for you to see how you’re doing although I do follow you on PB I don’t write often.

January 31, 2018

@xhysteria If you have Facebook you can send me at add at Atticus Atigun Fench