I’ve got that off black Cadillac [pics]

[2:15 pm] Prose Box is down for maintenance and Open Diary still has restored my entries. You know this making me not want to purchase a year long membership once my 30 days are up.

Anyways, I don’t remember where I left off other than my dad passing away.

Did I talk about applying as a car detailer? If not, I did and I got the job. The drug test was a bit awkward since I was told to open the door as soon as I fill my cup to the black line. So I had to stop midway and I nearly filled it up. While washing my hands some water splashed on me and it looked like I pissed myself.

I got my hair trimmed last Thursday. It’s not much but I can part it to the side and look like a church boy.

Tomorrow is my first day. I don’t know what position I got since I mentioned that I’d be open to anything but that I was specifically applying for the detailing position. I’ll find out tomorrow.

So I just wanted to share the good news.

Oh and a cool picture of my car.

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