Remember Teen Open Diary

[9:46 am] It’s definitely a bit nostalgic being back. My diary is currently being restored and each time I hit the refresh button, I see a new entry. I’m a little upset and a bit nervous. Reading over the preview texts just floods my memory with old memories. Memories that I forgot.

I remember having a Sidekick 2 and writing an entry from the back seat of my parents truck as Alyssa rested her head on my lap. I bet that’s somewhere in here.

I started my first diary back in 1998. Then Teen Open Diary came out and I jumped ship while keeping my FOD. Remember when it was Free Open Diary and then it went to Open Diary? Those are the real Open Diary originals.

Now days if you have a teen anything it’s like a buffet for pedophiles.

I wonder how many of them talked to me. Just the other day I looked at my old MySpace profile and saw that I was friends with guys who had their underwear as their profile picture. Oh naive me, you were so innocent.

And then I fell in love and got bitter! True story.

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January 27, 2018

We remember TOD, very well. Welcome back!

January 27, 2018

@thediarymaster Thank you for bringing the site back.

January 27, 2018

@adriennebrody you’re welcome!

January 27, 2018

Welcome back, crazy seeing all the people i use to read flooding back here.

January 27, 2018

@red_the_dark_prince We never left. I don’t think anyone that I read is back. They all moved on.

August 2, 2019

@adriennebrody some of us are here 😉

July 2, 2019

@thediarymaster is there a way to retrieve old “teenopendiary” accounts too or just “open diary”?

July 12, 2019

@wicked unfortunately, no – we are only recovering accounts from Open Diary, we don’t have plans to bring TOD accounts back at this time. Sorry!

August 1, 2019

@thediarymaster if you ever do I’ll be grateful forever and ever. Somewhere in the ether there are eight years’ worth of journal entries from being a teen that I wish I had! Anyway, cool to see OD up again. Thank you.

August 2, 2019

@wakingup thanks for the extra info, it’s definitely something for us to think about!