Happy & Day!

Yepp. & Day. Otherwise known as an ampersand, today is National Ampersand Day! I don’t tend to use ampersands that often, but when I do… well… you know? I just use a comma or the word ‘and’.

Today is my bath day but nothing else is up. My Yankees lost to the damn Jays, I suppose I’m being a traitor to my own town… but believe it or not back when Jimmy Key was shortstop, I liked the Jays. I guess Al influenced me into liking the Yanks. 🙂 I am going to sim probably all day bc it is a dark and wet day…. perfect for simming! And of course, I’ll post my pix here. 🙂

@heffay, try the Sims 2, the Sims 4 is kind of complicated. https://oldgamesdownload.com/the-sims-2-ultimate-collection/ and here is how to add custom content to your game. You might like that better Jeffy 🙂 <3

I play the Sims 2, 3 and 4. I have every sp/ep except the Star Wars one… I’m not interested in that. I love SW but not in my game. LOL!!!

I can’t wait for Thursday bc I get my much needed bloodwork for Dr. K. I am going to be put on Lithium and something else. I’m a little worried about the Lithium making me gain weight. I will have to be vigilant.



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September 8, 2020

I hope this drug will help you….

September 8, 2020

@jaythesmartone I unblocked you. If you can be nice, we can be friends again. 

September 8, 2020

I have a friend that battles her weight because of that drug too. she has gained almost 100 pounds!


September 8, 2020

cute  cats

September 8, 2020

I use ampersands way to often when handwriting things.  Really never when typing.  Take care!

September 8, 2020

I love your kitty picture. I am a kitty person. I had an antidepressant make me gain weight.  I hate it. But now I found out my thyroid is hypoactive. Explains lots.

September 10, 2020

I don’t think the Yankees will win many aren’t they 0-4 right now?

4 weeks ago

Make sure you tell the doctor if you’re worried about your meds. And monitor yourself. Hoping for the best for you. 🙂