Death and lots of weeping… I mean a lot..

I have not seen so much fucking weeping in a game ever.

Gil you ok?

Gilbert: Can’t talk, having a staring contest…

Me: …

Hokay… I see now… (?)

I killed off Amber bc she was very annoying… after I aged her up bc my sister Julz wanted Violet to win heirship…

We have Zephyr now too…

And Zeph is a baldie.

I forgot to take a pic of Zephyr as a toddler… but!!

Guess who has the Inteen thing? That’s the mod, where you can get teenagers pregnant. Yupp. That’s Violet! Ha!!!

Now this is where I officially deviate from the main purpose of this legacy… this legacy is a Perfect Genes legacy.. but you will see why I am changing it up…

Meet Bennett who normally would be eligible for heirship…

Benny is a cutie… but!!

Meet Delaney. Blonde and BLUE eyed…. but still.. look at Delaney!!

*squee* WHAT A CUTIE!!!! I want her in my legacy! Double heirship? Separate story line? Maybe! 😀


Killed Gil as he was just too serious… just staring at the camera a lot…

Everyone in unison: Awwwwwwwwww!!

They do this autonomously a lot..

Nery Turner the fugliest sim ever in the Sims franchise… had to kill him off!! LOL Me and my sis Julz killed a lot of sims yesterday LOL

Wut???? O_O

Hubby #2 with a sharp schnozz. 😮 My sim don’t waste time does she??

All throughout my game play, she wouldn’t stop crying over Gil, Amber (whom no one liked anyways) Nery .. etc etc.. and Zeph is now preggers with Grimmy’s twins! Fun!!

I am definitely playing Delaney.. she is too cute to not. Benny may be the TRUE heir but we shall see with Zephyr’s kids.


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5 days ago

That family seems just like a typical family……It will be interesting how they age up.

5 days ago

@jaythesmartone I am going back to Win 7 bc I want to dualboot with Lubuntu so.. a new family?

5 days ago

Ok, I now have the worst craving to play sims.  Clean house be damned.  lol

4 days ago