I told y’all…

First off, the house… yes, I’m bragging.. bc I’ve never really built a home in TS3.

The exterior..

The interior.. with the biggest telly I’ve seen in ages… wish I had that LOL!!

This is Carly Lawler but I call her Anna bc she reminds me of my friend Anna Sokolovskaya.

Her stats

Here she is in front of the completed house.

Lang Gwydd? Languid? Isn’t Gwydd a Welsh name/thing???

She went dumpster diving after her interview bc, you know? Dumpsters!!! LOL

Taxi driver: I’m wearing this oversized flower in my hair bc you stink to high heaven.

Carly/Anna: *crickets*

Some one is enjoying being evil too much..

Sorry for the bad pic, um, guess who’s going to uni?

I got her settled into a sorority (which in TS3 is ridiculously easy as opposed to TS2 and TS4)

More later…

And I have a large-ish Skull update.. that’s coming up next!


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February 12, 2020

The dumpster diving made me laugh. That’s good stuff. And the one where she has the creepy eyes is weird looking.

February 12, 2020

@heffay She found some pretty weird things in there… I know.. Carly can pull the weirdest faces.

February 20, 2020

Looks like a lot of fun.