So, yesterday was …

Um.. yesterday, or shall I say the past two days, I was without a computer. The reason being.. is that I bunged up my computer.. Win 10 was hogging up the space. So, I decided to attempt to install Win 7 but my USB stick/dongle was broken, sooo… I had to wait until yesterday to actually install Windows…. bc I needed a new dongle. But I now have Windows 7. I doubt very much I will upgrade. Win 10 is safer but it takes up a lot of space… but you never know until you know.. that’s what I always say..

I made a guy named Elwyn Creamer. I decided to start with a guy.. just for fun.

Elwyn is a family sim… and a Scorpio.

His house (empty as of yet but I intend to fix that.

El meets up with Sandy Bruty… now, you may or mayn’t know that I hate Face 18… which Sandy has… I can’t stand the fug… but I decided to take a chance on Ms. Bruty.

I forgot to turn off the special event cam so I missed the proposal, but…

So now the new Mrs. Creamer went to get new clothes, bc, she has no taste at all.

Eurgh.. dat face. Haaa…

Interestingly enough, Sandy is at the top of the law career Captain Hero… which is weird for a Romance sim…

I’m going to fix up her hair later… 

Til later?


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February 14, 2020

Yeah I don’t think I would buy that top…..But the guy is kinda cute….

February 14, 2020

@jaythesmartone Cool. 🙂

February 14, 2020

I really liked Windows 7, if I’m remembering correctly. I’m too lazy to try to install an older version of Windows. I can see why you don’t like that face.

February 14, 2020

@heffay Win7 is the best. 🙂 Face 18 is just… yuck.

February 14, 2020

I love Windows 7. I bought a new laptop for a Windows 10 update since my old one couldn’t, but man I miss 7. 10 is memory hogger for sure, even after wiping out the bloatware.

Lol that face in the last screenshot, I love it 😀

February 14, 2020

@soldis 10 is also a space hog. 🙁

February 20, 2020

Looks interesting. Depending on how old your computer is Windows 10 likely can take up quite a bit of space. I can understand your desire to downgrade to an older OS.