The Skull Perfect Genes Legacy

Last time, I thought I had my sim propose to Gil Jacquet but I guess not.

I don’t think that Denise liked my witchy woman, so…

I killed her off. Mwahaha!! I might revive her … idk…

Baby tiems

Meet Violet who is eligible for heirship as she has the eyes…

Violet as a toddler…

Violet being swung around by her father.

Amber the second baby, also eligible. But I’ve noticed that Amber is stand-off-ish while her older twin is more affectionate.

Toddler Amber

Why must they always go in the bathroom to do shit??? Amber dancing with her mother.


So, I have a q for you. Who should be heir?

A) Violet

B) Amber

C) Have another baby

🙂 Vote in the comments!!



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February 20, 2020

Looks like an interesting mother-in-law-daughter relationship, a little unfortunate that she couldn’t accept her daughter-in-law’s differences.

February 20, 2020

@justamillennial Yeah. 🙂