Theme of the Week — #totw67

Five things I hold dear?

  1. Bees — my sister. She means the world to me. We aren’t really sisters by blood but still… we met at Seneca College in ’97. We have been fast friends — and sisters ever since. She is my wall of strength… and I hers.
  2. Wendy my other sister from another mister. Wen is a joy to behold. She is staff where I live but we have bonded like sisters. She is only 5 yrs older than I.
  3. My computer & iPad. Bees calls them things I can’t live without. LOL
  4. My Switch and 2DS XL. <3
  5. YOU. 🥰🤟

That’s my list. 🙂

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6 days ago

Lovely list.

6 days ago

@queenofegypt TY 🙂

6 days ago

This is a great list!

6 days ago

@thediarymaster TYVM 🙂