05.10.2021 – 19 Uhr

This is a new book. After the thought, because it’s not a real book yet. It is mere lines, a few words, that my mind sends onto paper until sentences and entire cosmos of realities can emerge from them. Alone subject to a probability that is subject to my current intention to form and create something that will continue to exist from now on even without my presence. But by painting the words, I also created an image of my personality, which is immortalized in this text, linked to this text. In the next moment I am already someone else according to intention, according to belief, according to the momentary reality that my consciousness creates for me. So I not only paint words and a truth, I also draw a momentary picture of myself as it will never be again. Equally a photograph of my mind that seems to be immortalized from now on. And every reader visits this specially created reality. Establishes a bond with an existence that no longer exists. Only lived once to create the text and the message and then developed further without looking back. This is how you can describe fiction that arises from a truth text. Because no matter how much truth and knowledge I publish. It’s only a truth of its own in the moment of creation that I believe. But later it is just a reminder of something that I believed but is no longer of primary importance.

So, dear reader, you must always be aware that you are visiting a memory when reading this text. But isn’t it always like that? Shared videos, photos, or whatever, just perpetuate the past. So, unless we are streaming, we can never bring the present closer to an audience. And even if we have shared the present, we all move on on our own path. In variations on the path of one’s own fate, into an indefinite future. We shared an experience, but the extent to which it affects us determines our being and becoming.

So I’m starting a book here. I will put it online. Make it tangible as a PDF. And every now and then I will continue to write on this text. I don’t yet know what it will be myself. Regardless of whether the intention guides me or the creative moment. But I just want to keep it free and see what will develop. Maybe it will be something like a thought book? And when it is finished at some point, I can offer it on Amazon or wherever as a slim or thick work. We will see. Let’s be curious together to see which realities we will roam.

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