5.10.2021 – 22:36

It is always easy to become something that you basically are not. It’s so damn easy to take on roles because that’s exactly what this society shows us. You fill a role, the person becomes a brand and if you do it right and are also a bit lucky, you can look forward to so many followers. These followers push the person through their attention and sometimes also admiration until you lose the ground under your feet and take off. It can go like this, but it doesn’t have to. Roles are given to us by our environment. We slip into roles and masks through conscious and unconscious signals. Where do we have to hide and when can we be completely ourselves? Since we are used to wearing such masks more often than our real being, we sometimes even forget who we really are. How we really are before the world told us what to be. As a writer, it is easier for me. I am used to creating my roles and letting them speak. Filling them with life and then acting, thinking, feeling as they are. Whatever is needed right now. And sometimes more and less, I also wear my mask in public. Hide how I’m doing now, but rather smile to avoid queries and complications. Basically, that’s sad. Because that’s not how it should be. Everyone should be valued for who they are. And if he’s not doing well now, that’s the way it is. Then he now needs attention and an open ear. That is what you can expect from your friends. But otherwise you just fall on deaf ears. When someone asks you how you are, they basically don’t want to know. He just wants confirmation in a simple phrase that everything is ok. Just don’t be bothered with problems, right? On the day when everyone turns to his neighbor with real interest, a new world is born. One in which the individual counts for what he just is. Without being forced to use a role or mask. But the way I see it, it’s just a utopia. It’s a shame, but it’s a fact.

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