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If you’re reading this and you feel alone (or sad because you feel alone), embrace both who and where you are….

For me, the success I’ve received has taught me a lot, especially about people. It’s those things that I’ve learned that have secured me into the way that I am (as are the occurrences in your life have likely evolved you). 

It’s ok that u don’t have a significant other. You really have to be careful with that s***. When you adjoin your spirit with another, it’s like magic. You morph your being into theirs, and it fr should n’t be taken lightly. (I noticed s*** like that when I was quite young. Such made sense because I was a born romantic from the age we as children started playing house. I knew from that point on that I was indeed attracted to girls. It was the moments with them after that, that sorta took me for a ride.)

See,  I had to grow into the charm that people now marvel over. The attraction power I now wield that amazes even myself, came at a cost.  

The several girls who molested me, the woman who raped me (which I kinda did n’t mind at first, but I really did n’t like it), the girls who were attracted to me and then flipped just for the fun of it, alongside of the women now who just hang around and watch me (and/or somehow show up at places that I frequent or play ghost while they f, or at least strive to, who they are with) all kinda made me think that maybe it was n’t a good thing for me to be with a woman. The only problem is that I’m not physically or sexually attracted to men. (I do feel like we are being programed to adjoin with the same sex,  but all in all it is a choice. It all kinda feels the same to me. I have met many men who genuinely move like women in their minds and sexual essence. Which to me infers that the play of men and women is not lost. We just ‘move’ or ‘feel’ into what could be coined as ‘lost’.) 

When I met one of the newer women in my life, I changed. It was after meeting her alongside of a dream that taught me that people are not the culmination of who we are, yet in balanced sense, we ourselves, are. What I mean is, don’t let what bad people do scar your discerned true worth. People are really stupid and they often don’t know as much as we might feel like we do. These same people who thought it was ok to kill Christ, or sacrifice their children, or that the sun is yellow (it’s actually a combination of all colors, we only see the colors that make it to eyes after being scattered all over the atmosphere, which is why the sky looks blue) have proven that we indeed fools in our own right. 

All in all be happy you made it this far in life. You very likely have a lot further to go.


The oil change light and other sensor is no big deal. I’ve still got it as long as I want. They change the oil with no problems, so. no worries. You can still go where you need to go. 

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