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So, tell me true… what would you like to see on there? I can get a link page up… I remember wayy back when, when I was first in my college tech class to make a page. 🙂 That was a fucking long time ago… almost a quarter of a century ago.. to be exact.. next year it will be 25 yrs. I was quite proficient in the making of homepages… I taught others LOL!!!! I really flourished in that subject. Too bad I couldn’t finish. 🙁

So, I ended up successfully re-installing Windows 10 after a major fuck up on my part. NOTE TO SELF: Screw Linux. You don’t need that shit, stick with Windows even if Microsoft keeps on asking us to constantly update update and yet more updates… fuck that noise.

So, my beautiful people, what’s new where you are?


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May 10, 2021

Sammy! It says it needs your account to be activated or something. There is an email you have to click a link on.

May 11, 2021

I got the same message.

@antoinette33 Should be ok now. 🙂