Ohh Vegans

I attempted to make vegan rice pudding to day in my instant pot.  So far its a pot of fail, but ill see how it looks in the morning.

I have been vegetarian a while, and i teeter between vegan and not.  A lot of people I know ask about protein and say things like ” i could never give up meat”  but really its not that hard for me.  I personally feel like its not that hard in general as long as you like vegetables.  Dont get me wrong.  I love meat.  I love a great burger and I love bacon.. ham is my favorite lunch meat..   The issue that I have with it personally is that It is not the best fuel for my particular body.  Everything gives me heartburn, after i eat a lot of sugar or packaged food i can feel it.. I wake up swollen and groggy.  Animal products raise my body temp and make me sweat.  most notably, if i eat fast food (which i often do if im not watching my intake) I immediately feel like i could take a nap. Thats not how food is supposed to make you feel!  you are supposed to be able to use it for fuel, aren’t you?

I have lived as a complete vegan once for several months and oh my god, i have never felt better.  I felt energetic after I ate as opposed to ready to pass out.  I had a noticeable drop in my regular body temp.  My skin, hair and fingernails looked healthy, i needed way less sleep and I would bounce out of bed in the morning.  I let life effect me though and when I had something difficult happen I went back to my old ways of coping.  Im working to get back to the place that I was with it.

Vegans get a bad rap as being militant and pushy.  Ill admit that there are a few of these people out there and they dont help develop interest in the way of life.  Im not one of those.  I am content to take care of myself because everyone has free will. I ll talk to my friends about changing their diets, but its because of how it makes me feel and I want the people that I love to fee that way too.  Im not the person that freaks out if there is meat in my shared fridge or if im on a date and my date orders meat.  I make my own food decisions for my own health and everyone else makes theirs.  by that token, I also like if people respect my food choices.

Im quite overweight by the way.  I put on 50lbs in my last relationship.  I did spend the last year eating whatever I wanted, but its time to regain control of myself.  So since January, I have been on and off with different diets and every time, i come back to vegan / vegetarian.  Its just how i operate best. I have lost 10 pounds since January, put a few back on  and now im back to losing.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing 🙂 Ill let you know how my pudding turns out 😉

Also, I feel like knowledge is power, so if you have any questions for me about the way I eat, please feel free to ask me!


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July 23, 2018

I tend to go vegetarian every once in a while. I already stay away from beef on the account of how many resources and pollution goes into their production. And omg we have the same bodies apparently. I’m very sensitive to the food that I eat it can literally affect your entire life especially with the bloating and feeling groggy. I agree food should energize you! Do you have any advice on dealing with getting so gassy when you stop eating meat? Sorry if that’s TMI 😇

July 23, 2018

@dahveed Man you got to soak your beans over night and try not to eat them from a can.  Switching to a new protein source can tear your stomach up a little bit , but you can eas that by
1. beano
2. ween off of the meat.  Cut red, then pork, then chicken, then seafood.  replace as much of that with LEAFY green stuff.  ease the other proteins in.  I like beans becasue they are super easy, but there are a ton of grains that are high in protein ( like barley!) take it slow like over 2 to 4 weeks. that gives your body a chance to not freak out.
3.  Im a little unapologetic about my gas.  im not all rude about it , but i generally dont give a fuck.  I burp constantly (heartburn) and i try to pass gas privately but im not going to make myself sick over it.  go for the beano if it bothers you 🙂

July 23, 2018

I miss being vegan some days, I completely agree food should give you energy and not make you feel worse.


hope the pudding turns out 🙂

July 23, 2018

@carley-2  oh girl, the pudding turned out horrble..lmao  i dumped it all.  It was a learning experience though.  ill try again soon.

so you miss being vegan?  why did you stop?

July 23, 2018

I don’t know if you plan on having kids or not but they did a study, and if you are vegan your risk of cancer is reduced greatly but if you have kids then their chance of cancer is increased.  I find it odd.

July 23, 2018

@mentaldysplasia thanks for the info! I was absolutely not aware of that!

I do , however, not plan on poppin out any kids, so my offspring are safe.  I wonder why that is though… do you have links to that study by chance?