ha!  that looks like a name in a fantasy novel.

My pudding however, was anything but a fantasy.  It was a fantasy that I was gonna make it awesome on the first try. faiiiil.

Today I am making Butter Chickpeas (like indian butter chicken but veegs) It smells fantastic…  yall.  so good.  I haven’t eaten yet because i had to extra cook it and toss in some red lentils to thicken it up, but im gonna eat it all.  I hope.

At work today I was given a rundown of what my actual responsibilities are as far as supervisory.  It will be new for everyone.  the people that i am going to be supervising are not actually used to having a supervisor in the capacity that I will be supervising them.  they have had the luxury of being minimally accountable for the jobs they pick up.  Dont get me wrong, they are all very good at what they do , but some only do the bare minimum of work and let other techs carry the bulk of it.  We are moving to a tiered system which will spread the work out more fairly.

I’m actually also Tier 1 support, so Ill be able to actually fix some of the issues that are simple and take that off of the plate of the tier 2 and 3 techs.  I think that once everyone adjusts to the new method, it will be really good.  They expect a little resistance, but Im sure it wont be anything I cant handle.  Even with that , its  a quarter of the work that I was responsible for at the old job, for way better pay and benefits.

Sweet Tony Danza, I cant wait to go to the doctor!  I have not had medical insurance in probably about 10 years.  I have been lucky.  I m gonna go see every possible doctor.  Just kidding, but i am gonna get my thyroid situated and get my ass to a dentist for some cleanin.

I think im all registered for school but I have to submit proof of residency. i have to take at least 15 credits to be considered full time.. back in my day it was only 12 🙁  Im gonna be so busy.  But I like it.

Im starving. ugh.


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