Feeling a little better

After the huge shock of getting the letter yesterday about department of housing wanting to evict me it affected me badly. Not just mentally, its also affected my pain disorder as well, i am in so much pain i can hardly move. It wasn’t a shock to me as i was expecting it because i can never seem to meet their standards, but it affected me greatly as if it i had been through a trauma.

I was able to get a little sleep, i am feeling a little more relaxed today but i am still scared shitless. I am trying to stay positive & take steps to put into place to fight this case. I have more fighting strength today than i did yesterday, then again after getting that letter affected me in a bad way.

I contacted the social worker person from dpt housing late yesterday afternoon to ask once again for the millionth time for other places to refer me to for help. He assured me that if i go into this hearing with a plan in place of support services & taking action steps that i will win this case. Although i am not getting my hopes up because everything i touch turns to shit anyway. But i am going to fight will the little strength i have left.

I am pissed off with the dept housing social worker person who was meant to link me up with multiple agencies to get me the help i need & he only linked me up with 1 agency for a psychologist. Then when i rang him last night he gave me the number for another agency. I contacted them today & they told me they will help me, if they can’t help me they will find someone who can, they will not leave me to struggle on my own. Now why the hell didn’t this social worker guy link me up with this agency 6 fucking months ago when i first started asking for help. I had only asked more times than i can count for agencies & telling him how much i needed help.

Fingers crossed i finally found someone today who says they will help me fix my backyard up. If the original cost is over my budget he says he will let me pay it off. When i told him that i wouldn’t be able to book him until i get paid next he told me thats ok we will work it out & he will take care of it & we will work out a payment after. Again i am not getting my hopes up as nothing has ever come through before. He says he will come around on saturday to have a look at my yard.

I have also arranged to have a psychic reading done over the phone. Its something i have been thinking about for a very long time & i feel right now is the time i need it. I have done my research & looked into who i am getting the reading from to do as best as i can to make sure i am not getting a fraud, because there are some very good frauds out there. I am going into this reading without telling her anything about myself or why i want the reading. I don’t trust psychics who want to know everything first & who ask alot of questions, they tend to be fraudsters. I believe in psychics as i have some sensitivities myself but nothing compared to a real full psychic. My reading will be done either today or tomorrow. I am hoping today because i am an impatient person & when i really want something i want it yesterday. I am hoping in this reading that my spirit guides & ancestors come through to give me some guidance as i am not in the right state of mind to recognize their messages when i ask for them right now, my mind is to fogged.

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April 9, 2020

I would personally advise against a psychic reading – they are a waste of money and scripted. They are NOT really psychics. It’s part of the entertainment business and there are proven techniques to make you believe that they are “nailing the information”.  You do as you wish, this is just my advice – never leave your decision-making or your destiny in the hands of someone other than yourself.

As for the eviction letter – are you aware that evictions are ILLEGAL during this pandemic? Please check in with an attorney – many will give you a free consultation over the phone. Sorry you are going to this stress!   :

April 10, 2020

@thenerve thankyou, i respect your advice & your belifs.

I though do belive in psychics as i have some psycic sensitivities, although yes there are some very good fraudsters out there. I have studied body language & statement ananlysis so i trust that to help me identify the frauds from the real deal.

I did just have a reading with someone who shouldn’t have known anything about me at all, i gave her no information about me or my situation & she was able to tell me everything about my situation, my self & my dead mother. I didn’t book an appointment i just rang her 2 mins after anther stranger gave me her number. she refused to met me pay her to even though i insisted. If i wasn’t a believer before i certainly would be now.

I take great comfort in my spiritual practices. But each to their own & i fully respect that we are all free to believe what we want to & not be judged for it.

April 10, 2020

@aloisia82 – As you wish. I don’t speak out of “beliefs”, though, but out of factual knowledge. I work in entertainment and know from experience how these “psychics” are trained. It’s a JOB, not an ability – those who have the ability don’t advertise themselves and don’t charge you.

Beliefs are based on FAITH – and faith is mere trust in something for which there is no factual evidence and which cannot be seen or otherwise physically represented. My statement about working psychics is not based on faith at all. Good luck, if luck is what you’re looking for.

April 9, 2020

I’m glad you’re feeling a little better, at least mentally. It seems really cruel that they would consider evicting you. I hope you can find some services that will help so you can keep the house.

I am not a big believer in psychics, but I know lots of people do. I have a friend whose cousin is one. I just hope that you get something positive out of it.

April 10, 2020

@heffay thank you. i just had a reading & it blew my mind that this lady who is a stranger to me knew so much about me & my dead mother & my family heritages.