Illegal Eviction

So an update with my housing issue. I thought i would give legal aid a call just to see if i was eligible for their services. Legal aid is a free legal advice & representation for those on low incomes who can’t afford private expensive lawyers. I thought at the least i might get some advice, as i had always thought legal aid was for only if you got into trouble with the police, arrested & taken to court by them etc. But it turns out that legal aid services all areas of any legal situations. So i was able to get a lawyer to help stand up for me, support me & advocate for me.

She is wonderful. She told me what evidence i needed to get together etc for her. Then early on the day of the phone appointment tribunal my lawyer calls me to tell me that the tribunal is not going ahead that day because she had asked me a few questions & had asked department of housing some questions & found out that there was a “glitch” with the paperwork & process. It was department of housing that claimed it was a “glitch”.  Turns out that they were taking me to the tribunal & trying to end my tenancy ILLEGALLY. They had not filed or sent me specific paperwork that needed to be done to be able to take me to the tribunal & end my tenancy.

So when my lawyer found that out she put forward to department of housing another extension on the previous agreement with also me agreeing to sign up for a course to help me learn to stay on top of my responsibilities & apply for the NDIS. They agreed to this, although my lawyer asked them if they could keep this out of the tribunal & make it a legal private agreement instead of a court appointed agreement. They said to her that they agree with her proposal but would need to talk to their legal team about if they will do the agreement through the tribunal or not. My lawyer offered to write up the agreement. Im fairly confident that they will agree to my lawyer doing the agreement paperwork instead of the tribunal because department of housing is very money orientated, so if my lawyer does the paperwork etc it will be cheaper for the department of housing. I can’t imagine them turning something down that is going to cost them nothing for something that will cost a lot of money.

So my lawyer has assured me that i will not be evicted & get another 6 month agreement but i will have the professional support from the right resources & agencies that i didn’t have before & were left to try to find these resources on my own not knowing where to look etc. But department of housing could still take me to the tribunal for the finalization & sign off on this new agreement.

I bet they knew full well that what they were doing was illegal & if i didn’t have my lawyer, department of housing would have continued through with the tribunal & fought to end my tenancy, they were depending on & me knowing that i didn’t know my rights, the law, their policies or how to successfully stand up for or defend my side of the case. I bet they would have evicted me illegally & i wouldn’t have known it was done illegally. I think the lawyer was a bit of a shock to them, that this person they have been bullying & intimidating for so long all of a sudden was able to stand up for herself through someone who knew everything that i had not known. I am now hoping that they will not bully or intimidate me any more knowing that i now have an advocate that call them out of their wrong doings.

I bet i won’t even get an apology from department of housing or even an acknowledgement from them that what they did was wrong. There is absolutely no doubt what so ever that i believe they knew full well what they did was wrong & illegal & they still did it knowing that i have depression, PTSD & bad anxiety. They are well aware of how dealing with them sets my anxiety off, so they would have known what they were doing was causing me great anxiety & fear.

I will never understand how someone can do what they did/do & go home & sleep restfully at night, knowing they are causing such mental turmoil & possibly destroying lives. They were quite happy & comfortable to throw me, someone with mental & physical health issues who has been & still is struggling to survive & begging them for help out on to the street during this pandemic & right during the cold months of the year, they knew i would have literally been homeless & on the streets, because i told them i have no where to go. Yeah its their job supposedly but there is no way in hell i would ever work for any agency or business that condones, encourages & practices these tasks. So good for department of housing being a community services agency who are there to help. Their policy is obviously basically is that if your struggling to survive & take care of the home & yourself then you can struggle to take care of yourself on the streets instead of department of housing employees bothering to actually do their jobs & help someone who needs help to be able to stay in 1 of the crappy houses that is the absolute basic of housing. These are truly disgusting parasitic people.

So this time round i am going (fingers crossed) to have the right support instead of left on my own to struggle through things with intimidating bullying cold hearted assholes on my back.

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May 1, 2020

This reminds of things that have happened here dealing with housing. The similarities are people pulling very illegal moves and just hoping to not get caught while they are trying to screw people over. Like one was these low income houses, by law they can’t be sold above a price because they have to be affordable. People were buying them at the low price and then either selling them at the full price and making massive profits or they were renting them out and charging a lot.

I am glad that you have a good lawyer to help you out with this. I think what they are trying to do to you is awful and heartless. I hope you and the lawyer keep crushing them.

May 2, 2020

@heffay thanx

May 1, 2020

Aloisia FTW!! 😀

May 2, 2020

@littleavocado fingers crossed it keeps going that way

May 2, 2020

@aloisia82 It will. 🙂

May 1, 2020

Lawyers can be amazing!!!

May 2, 2020

@kaliko ohhh yeah


May 1, 2020

Random reader here….

What did you supposedly do for them to try to evict you?  Here in Canada the few reasons we would get evicted was if we grew pot, sold pot and had wild parties and didn’t pay rent.  And now with this virus landlords are not allowed to evict you for any reason.

May 2, 2020

@jaythesmartone if u look at my other diary entries there is a entry that explains everything. Its a long story, but long story short, i unintentionally got myself into trouble due to mental health issues & didn’t look after the house. I let it get to the state of like those houses you see in the hoarders shows on tv. But im getting help & have been working hard to try to stay on top of everything &  have already started getting myself the mental health help i need.