Inspection day

I have my monthly house inspection today. I am done for the day cleaning, i worked my ass off yesterday to get rid of so much crap. I’m proud of myself for doing so much but i am paying for it now with body pain. My inspection is due to be done at 11am & its 10.54am, so i’m sitting outside in the beautiful weather waiting for them to arrive.

I called my housing officer yesterday to see if they would reschedule the inspection next week because my kitchen door was locked. It gets sticky with wet weather & we have had bad wet weather here lately & the door just locked right up on me & i couldn’t even turn the handle. Now the agreement i have with housing is that they have access to every room in the house & i was unable to get into the kitchen & dining room area. I had called maintenance to get it fixed but i didn’t know how long that was going to take. My housing officer told me no, that we had to abide by the agreement & i had to give access to every room, again i told her that i didn’t have any control over what had happened just as i would have no control over a leaking roof. This was the first time since this agreement was done that 1 of the team has been rude to me. She sounded like i had pissed her off & she was snappy. I told her multiple times that it was something that was out of my control. I think she thought i was bullshitting & trying to get out of the inspection. So in case maintenance people didn’t come in time, with a lot of swearing & all my strength i managed to unscrew the door handle & use a large pair of scissors to get it to open.




So the inspection was done & went well. I was surprised how well it went considering the attitude of my housing officer yesterday. I’m so tired right now, because of anxiety & chronic fatigue syndrome i haven’t been sleeping well. Hopefully now that this months inspection is done i’ll get a better sleep & hopefully i’ll also get out of this nocturnal routine that the chronic fatigue syndrome has me in. But i think right now i’m going to have a nap, hopefully it’ll stay nice & quiet here, no people screaming or fighting outside, no lawn mowers, no loud music, no kids screaming etc. I can only hear the birds & the tinkling of the bells on my cats collars. I’m going to take advantage of this quietness.

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