Psychic reading

I just had my psychic reading done & i am blown away.

I asked on a facebook group of other people who share the same sort of spiritual & magical beliefs. A man i don;t know suggested someone & gave me her number, both of these people are complete strangers to me, so i rang her & straight away she knew sooooooooo much about me, my mother who has passed away & my family heritages & my pets & so much more.

It was a good reading, i feel better about my housing situation & my mind is not as foggy now. Anxiety has an evil way of fogging the mind & making your mind feel scrambled.

I was initially scared that i may not be able to spot a fraudster despite my research. I have researched for a very long time. I am pretty comfortable that i know what to look for, what is not there, read between the lines. I have studied body language & statement analysis so it makes it a little easier to spot the frauds although over the phone it is more difficult.

But this lady was the real deal. There is no way she should have known anything about me, but she knew so much. I feel a little more connected to my spirit guide that i know more about him now. Apparently he is 1 of my aboriginal ancestors. Again she didn’t know anything about my heritages.

I like to work with my spirit guides & ancestors alot but recently my mind has not been in the right place to be able to focus to do that & i wanted more direct guidance. I often talk to & ask my guides for guidance & thank them & let them know i appreciate them. I was happy my mum came through to. Although i never doubted that she was not with me. I also often talk to her.

Anyway i feel better, clearer, mentally energized & ready to fight this situation infront of me. No doubt i will have moments of fear & anxiety but i am going to try to stay calm, positive & save my spiritual & mental strength for this challenge.

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April 10, 2020

I’m glad to hear that it helped you to feel better

April 10, 2020

Good on you love. 🙂