I have to wait to go to bed until like Midnight so I can take my meds at Midnight and go to get my blood drawn at noon (there has to be 12 hours from my prior dose of lithium before my test.  I think the part that will suck the most is that tomorrow night in order to go to bed on time my lithium will overlap my noon dose.  But I will go to sleep so it shouldnt matter.  The good thing is knowing if I am taking too much or not because I think I am but we will let them decide.

Chloe and Nevaeh will be here tomorrow so they are going to watch Mac so that we dont have to take him to Finn’s appointment.  Mac hates seeing Finn get pokes and Finn will be getting poked.  I have to go change out Finn’s reservoir because he only has like 2 units of insulin left in it.  And Finn will be taking a bath in the morning before the doctor.  Its my day off but I am going to have to be up early getting shit done.

I also realized that I dont have a lot of followers on here anymore so I need to make a quick reference intro so people know who I am.  I dont know if I will get actual readers but that is okay.

Jeff was supposed to go hunting mid month with our friend but he isnt going now.  Basically it would cost way too much to get him prepared to go.  He is planning for next year to be able to go.  My October goal for him is to do his hunters safety so that he can get a hunting license come next October.  Then I will be working on earning enough money to get him a hunting rifle either for Christmas or Valentines day, not sure which.  I am just trying to make clear goals so that we don’t have this problem again next year.  Maybe I will have him take Chloe and Nevaeh to hunters safety too.  I was Chloe’s age when I went.

Anyway, I think I am going to do some pantry work right now since I am trying to keep myself awake for another two hours.


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