Good morning-ish. Its like 11 AM here and I have been up for a while. I went to the store, got soda and some odds and ends before the storm hits again today. We wanted a little treat with eating low carb and decided on diet soda. I wont be buying another 12 pack until the 5th of March because I dont need to be drinking that much. I have water and water flavorings and a serious addiction to soda.

Vaeh and I after the store drove around the little city that is now our home and explored the boys schools. The high school that the girls will be attending is on the main road in town so we drive by that every time we go through town. The boys schools are on opposite ends of the town. JJ will be attending a school alone. He is going into 5th Grade. We will go to a school for 5th and 6th and then a school for 7th and 8th, and then high school. Madi will go into 4th and it will be his last year in the school with Maxin. Maxin will be in 2nd and Finn wont be entering Kinder this year we have decided because of the virus we will start him in a year from August. Illinois is simple laws for home schooling and I will only have Finn home so we will do letters and numbers and games. If hes meeting all his kinder bench marks then I will enroll him in first grade next year (2022). With Finn being immunocompromised I just feel like its a bad mom move to send him to school. I dont know.

I need to figure out the bus thing and how that works here. Do all the different schools have different busses? Or do they drop at all schools so the kids can ride together. I am not really sure. That can wait til we get closer to school but thats okay. I have to go tomorrow to social security. I need copies of Mac and Finn’s cards because I do not have them. I have to go in and prove they are still alive or some shit. I also dont know where I packed the fucking birth certificates. On the website they say they only need one if they havent established citizenship. I would think that they have because they issued a number but idk. If they need one I will just go back after I find them. I have a brand new binder that I will be turning into a home binder itll contain all of our important documents and stuff and it will be locked in our safe ready at a moments notice.

I didnt walk 5 miles yesterday, I did just over three so if I want I could make it up or I can leave it unfinished. Idk what I am gonna do yet. I was just in too much pain to finish. I am going to try to do it again today because my legs dont hurt so bad.

I am going to get up and make lunch. I am torn between chicken and veggies or leftover soup and a grilled cheese…whatever we dont have for lunch we will have for Dinner. I just need to make a decision I guess. Then after lunch I have to go unpack a box, I think we are gonna bring in all the boxes for the next week so I dont have to keep going out there. I am also going to open the attic and the kids will pass me boxes to put up there (dont worry the garage attic doesnt have bats lmfao. I also am going to lay down for a while and read New Moon. I am rereading the twilight series with my sister in law and she has finished the original four and is waiting for me to catch up to reread the last one!

Thats all for now, I will be back a lot between now and Easter to brain dump I think.

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