Day 1 End

Well i did it. Its 9.11pm and I’m getting tired from a day of boredom and stress and making myself distracted every 2 seconds with horrible chores.

My partner wanted to go out tonight… so I had to tell him that I’m trying to quit drinking and I dont feel comfortable going out because it’ll make me want to drink. And it’s day 1. That’s hard.

It took him a while and a good conversation to realise that… yes he can go out for a social drink and thats that. But I cant do that… I go for a social drink and then a bender and can’t stop.

I have really bad social anxieties aswell which drinking has always helped with so now I’ll have to figure that one out I guess…

Anyway. I’m going to bed soon. And then I’ll wake up to day 2. And have another horrible day of creating distractions by doing boring shit. Ugghh

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November 4, 2019

That is AWESOME! Day 1 is behind you. 🙂