Probs Early Menopause

Despite my apps telling me to take tests, the tests have been negative. Well, one looked like it kinda had a line but the following day there wasn’t a stronger line so our eyes must have been playing tricks on us.

Still, for the past few days I have had The Worst gas and heartburn. Evil has escaped me and burned our nose holes. I haven’t had so much cramping lately as I’ve had earlier in the month, oddly. Then last night I got a bunch of pink-brown when I wiped so that I thought for sure I was about to start my period… however, this morning a little more pink-brown and nothing else. Not really any cramping either. A bit of discomfort still from bloating-gas-heartburn but so far that’s it. Test this A.M. was Negatory.

My body is behaving very strangely this month. I’m exhausted during the day but then I can’t sleep at night. I don’t feel like I get really deep into sleep ever. It’s just … meh.

I was hopeful we’d get a positive test this month because that would make it 10-11 months of trying AND we’d have a really cool Mother’s Day present in a week or so. I know, that’s early to tell people but wtf at this point.

Anyhoozlebees… One app says my period should have already started. Another says it’s still coming tomorrow. Of course we have tickets to see a play tomorrow night so that would make perfect sense. I don’t feel like I normally do just before I get my period though. I felt that way earlier this month. So I dunno.

It’s probably early menopause.


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