Stupid Panini

Another period come and gone. We were kinda down about it. But trying not to focus on it. There are lots of reasons why pregnancy and kids would be negative to my health etc so if it doesn’t happen there’s likely a good reason.

Not so down about it on a regular basis. Just slowly trying to get less and less focused on it being our next chapter.

We’re in the midst of my “Fertile Period” at the moment so making a point of doing the deed but not forcing ourselves if we’re really not into it.

Which has been the case a couple of times because this week was the first week Hubby went back IN to the office after working from home full time for the pandemic. He doesn’t HAVE to work at the office but he wants to. And I want him to. He’s an extrovert and he needs more interaction than just me. And I’m an introvert – I need alone time. However he is also a bit of a hypochondriac so he is paranoid by the additional exposure to Covid. Neither he nor I have caught the dreaded virus thus far – even though my mom (who lives in the same house) has had it and we now know people who’ve caught it twice.

His company was fantastic at the beginning of the pandemic – gave every employee $1200 to spend on making a workable office space in their homes, sent care packages, etc. They originally made vaccines mandatory to be able to go back to the office in person but have now rescinded that requirement because they wanted to host an in-person event for their customers. Business is starting to come first again. Understandable but frustrating. Hubby is not going to the office for the rest of this month cuz that event is happening next week and will include people from all over the globe who, now, may or may not be vaccinated – many from Florida and on airlines that no longer require masking. Sigh. So he’s been stressed about that stuff and tired by all of the daily activity he is no longer used to… all of which affect me peripherally.


I’ve been having a great time with the Duolingo app lately. Latin (specifically: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Latin) and Germanic (specifically: Dutch, German) languages are going smoothly. Asian (specifically: Japanese, Korean, Chinese) and Semitic (specifically: Arabic) languages are going better than expected. However, Celtic, Slavic and Cyrillic languages??? Holy Hell, they’re HARD! Irish and Ukrainian are seemingly impossible. I have yet to devote a longer amount of time to those last but WOW. They do NOT come naturally to me.
I’m finding that I am pretty competitive about it, surprisingly. Hopefully, that continues if it is part of the reason I have a 30+ day streak! I’m pretty good at reading languages so adding some more speaking, vocab and comprehension would be a solid goal going forward. Hopefully, an asset to a bunch of travelling we’d/I’d like to do in the future.

Starting with Egypt. Egypt is my mom’s dream trip and I’m trying to get us there this fall. Gotta make a point of working on the Arabic… She went to China a few years ago with her sister (which is MY dream trip). No one is brave enough to go to Egypt with her though so I’m making it my mission. Especially since we have been stuck in the house for 2 years with this stupid pandemic.
Hubby is not so excited about travelling. He didn’t do any (except road trips) when he was growing up. Then he met me – had to fly periodically for that. And then we roadtripped to the Maritimes (which he loved) and flew 13 hours to Tokyo for work (which freaked him out in its entirety even though afterwards he appreciates the experience).


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