Hark! Do I hear an exiting update on its way! Alas, its true! So many boring entries but I actually have something I want to talk about tonight. Paul could walk in at any minute though and cut this off. So if it ends abruptly, maybe I’ll be back to finish it later.

I re-read my previous entry and realized its pretty funny- what was on my mind was also on pauls mind. We’ve been feeling nothing but love and positivity. I dont know if any of you have watched a DVD called "the secret", but I’ve seen it 3 times now. I’m Catholic by birth and still consider myself as such, and God is my guide, not some philosophy such as "the law of attraction". However, that "secret" reminded Paul and I of something that we have always been doing all our lives, and just refocussed us. Its not really faith based and the video iteself is SHIT, but the ideas we take home from it are

the power of positive thinking

you are attracting your circumstances to you, good or bad

if you believe it will happen, it will happen

have faith and it will all work out

Basically. I mean, I’ve already had about 4 or 5 beers as I write this, but thats basically what I’m trying to say. I’ve always done that without knowing it. When shit gets rough, I always think, "Its OK, calm down, it will work out. THIS WILL BE OKAY."And it always always is. Things always work out for me, and for Paul. They just always do. They have never NOT worked out. OK- so there was a job we/he really wanted at the breakers. He didnt get it and we were FLOORED. But, that wasnt what was suposed to happen for us. It seemed bad at the time, but we trusted, and it turned out to be for the better that he didnt get that job. Things are going great for us here. Thats not what the secret is all about or anything. But this fishing charter business paul is starting. We are being overwhelmingly positive. We are just assuming its going to happen. and its all happeing. Its all wokring out. Its just about being a positive person in general, and believing in yourself and your goals. Me and Paul always 100% believe in ourselves and our goals, and believe that God is looking out for us. We are NEVER DISAPOINTED. Maybe for a short time. But it always works out.

In the light of all thats going GREAT these days, Paul came to me and said he wants another baby. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny, isnt it, that I confessed in my last entry that once again ive been thinking about baby #2 but worried paul wasnt on board? He’s on board! It was the sweetest convirastion ever. The timing is the part that im hung up on. I dont know what he is thinking about timing, but I have an idea. Havent run it by him yet though. More on that later.

Now this is on my mind. I think i hear paul. But anyway- I dont want to over think it.

But we are definitely planning on baby number 2. Hoping the universe will get out of our way and let this happen, when the time is right.

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December 19, 2012

Congratulations on you both ‘being on the same page.’ You will be in my prayers that all works out for you and also that you’re as good a mother with a 2nd child as you seem with the 1st. As for liking your writing, I have to say not so much this entry. The 4-5 beers you spoke of show in this entry. Lol

December 19, 2012

Such a refreshing entry! Ur positivity is absolutely contagious! It seems tangible…something I want to touch & hold on to! I hope…I KNOW…that everything will fall into place for u guys!!<3

December 19, 2012

Ryn: yes to both 🙂 But seriously, I do enjoy following you through your entries. Thank you for allowing me to do so.

December 19, 2012

ryn: i moved Xander into a twin bed at 18 months and Talon is a little over 19 months old right now. It all depends when you feel ready to do it and if you are mentally prepared to get up and put them back a few billion times the first week. Xander was really easy to get to sleep in a twin bed and he didnt sleep through the night until he was in a twin. Talon is his opposite in almost every way soim prepared to have to fight with him about it. My kids are also very tall (both in the 90% for height) so they get cramped in a crib very quickly.

December 19, 2012


December 20, 2012

RYN: I delay cord clamping because a larger portion of the baby’s blood is in the cord and placenta. By waiting their red blood cells and oxygen make their way to the baby before they are cut off. Another baby is exciting!

December 20, 2012

So glad to hear you are both in a good place right now! 🙂

January 1, 2013

Weeee!! Baby #2!!! So happy for you!! Also, I am a huge advocate of the secret! I really believe it’s true and works.