Isla Joy

Ive tried to write an entry many times over the past several weeks but the site never loads. I know people are pissed and I am too but I just cant quit OD! I tried prosebox and i hate it 🙁

Isla Joy was born on December 17 at 12:16pm

She was 6 lbs 3oz (I was shocked!!! They thought she was almost 7lbs when I was 37 weeks along. Nope!) and 18 inches long. My delivery experience was not what I had expected but it honestly worked out for the best. I got what I ultimately wanted in the end, which was a healthy baby, and NO TEAR, no episiotomy, an easy recovery, no postpartum depression, and no long painful adjustment period for me or the baby. We took to each other naturally. I got up and walked to the recovery room right after birth. I took a great shower later that night, without tears or pain. I was not a nervous wreck in the weeks after her delivery. Overall, these were the things I wanted. How it happened doesnt matter as much.

She is 3 weeks now. I’m back at nursing school and its gone just fine so far. Ive only gone 1 week. I have classes mon/tues/wed but monday is just a couple hours. It will work out great.

She is taking a bottle of pumped breast milk from my mom without any issues at all. Shes getting right back on the breast for me when I pick her up. Shes growing fast, and already 8lbs. We see the pediatrician again on the 20th and she will be 1 day shy of 5 weeks at that time. She should be well over 8 lbs by then! Maybe much more. We’ll see.

I actually feel, and have felt, fine. I developed a sinus infection gradually in the days before i delivered and it was horrendous by the time I was discharged from the hospital. I had to go to urgent care on the day after i got out. It cleared up quickly with antibiotics and this problem was the biggest one I had. So different from when I had Lucy. I was a mess for 3 months after Lucy. Emotionally and physically.

My stomach is still soft and squishy, and i think my hips are still wide– i can fit in all my pre pregnancy clothes except for my favorite jeans (a couple pairs of my faves). They are too tight in the waist but fit everywhere else. Its just my waist/hips right now. I cant remember how quickly I got skinny again with Lucy. But im giving myself the full 6 weeks recovery time before I start "worrying" about it or doing anything about it. At this point, 3 weeks out, my uterus might not even be all the way down yet. They say it takes up to 6 weeks.

Im breastfeeding like a champ and I know that helped last time. But of course this is my 2nd baby. Im nervous that my body now is my new BODY.

Baby fussed and i just spent the past hour cuddling her and now i am not motivated to finish this entry. Will try again later!

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