“Spring break”

Today was my one day of semi spring break. My "me" day off.

I took Lucy to daycare for the first time since last friday. I went to the library with my 2 study buddies, whom I adore (barry and mark) and we studied for a few hours. It was fun and filled with laughs, and productive. Then I had time to spare so I went to the mall. by myself! I got a cute little spring dress, a NEW BRA- from victoria secret which i paid 50 dollars for and SHOULDNT have, but oh well– and I got my hair cut! I didnt even have an appointment, it was a spur of the moment thing, and I like it. I got my bangs back and some little layers. I want to grow my hair out long again if I get pregnant, because hair grows so well when youre pregnant. I couldnt grow it out long if I wasnt, not anymore. I will likely chop it off to just below my chin again this summer once its sweltering hot. I liked it that length too but before I go back to it, I want to try long again.

Speaking of pregnant, I feel like i might be.

It sounds so stupid to just have a "hunch", before you even miss your period…because its impossible for most women to experience any symptoms so soon after ovulation, but I’m just saying it anyway. I think women’s intuition can be misleading and stupid at times, but on the other hand….I’ve always had a pretty strong jive with mine. Women’s intuition can also be pretty fucking powerful. Like last night, for example. I was sleeping on the couch, all cuddled into Paul’s chest and totally OUT. All of a sudden I sprang up off the couch, looked at the clock (it was after midnight), and heard Lucy crying and before I even knew what I was doing I was in her room picking her up. She doesnt wake up in the night anymore, so I dont know what that was about; she could have just wimpered for a second and I normally would have ignored it if I had been fully awake…but she was CRYING when I got in there (i think it was her teeth?). Anyway. Women just KNOW. When it comes to their bodies and their babies, they know.

I don’t KNOW if i’m pregnant or not of course, though. I am only 6 days past ovulation (7dpo in the morning, its already the end of today. But who’s counting). I know implantation could have occured today or anytime in the next several days. Today was filled with cramps. Rather uncomfortable ones actually. My period isnt due for over a week so theyre not period cramps. I’ve actually had cramping since day one. So 5 days of cramping I’d say, but really mild. But other little feelings too. So bloated and heavy just in my lower abdomen. I remember with Lucy I had cramping off and on since before I found out, and it continued after I found out. I tested at 10dpo with her and got a positive. I know implantation can occur at different points in your cycle with each pregnancy, so I know I could still get a negative at 10dpo this time (10 days is pretty early. Its like THE earliest possibility of detecting HCG). But I think I will test on Sunday anyway. so 4 more days. I guess maybe 3 days since I will try to use the first morning urine on the 10th day. I will expect a negative because I know thats early. But I’m telling you, I feel like this is it. I hope so.

But if its not, next month would be just as ideal. Anytime. Anytime, God! Lucy wants a sibling!

Other things have been great. I work all day the next 2 days which is good becuase more money is always a plus. Then I get another fabulous weekend off with my little sweetie. I freaking LOVE the weekends. I know, who doesnt? But really, I love them more than anyone else!

My love bug, exploring the outdoors.

A beach day, maybe a few weeks ago before our little cold snap.

Our plant based eating is going great. Paul has made some really good food lately. I find it hard sometimes when eating on the go, to grab something quick that actually tastes good and fills me up when I just grabbed something randomly….but i’m getting better at it. I feel so amazing still. Waiting to hear on the juicer we ordered. Hopefully didnt get screwed. I’ve been feeling so fat for the past few days which is very weird since I changed my diet. Hense, another reason I feel like something is going on down below. We shall see.

Loving life.

xoxo E


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March 6, 2013

Your avatar. It’s gorgeous. What is it, and where did you get it? Also, congratulations. 🙂

March 6, 2013

I always wake up right before any of my kiddos, like I know they will need me to hear them.

March 7, 2013

Sometimes u just know. Ur kid is so cute 🙂 fingers crossed for the pregnancy xx

March 9, 2013

She is just precious!