Good Thanksgiving….Bad Thanksgiving…

Here’s how my Thanksgiving 2020 went.


The Good

Starting yesterday, I helped my mother-in-law get stuff together for the family dinner we were planning on having the next day.  I peeled the squash for the squash casserole (but ended up having to go to Walmart later to get a plumbing snake because the sink ended up getting clogged from the squash shavings, lol…oops); I helped remove the ice off the deck because my sister in law is pregnant and my in laws are having certain problems (physically)…so I took care of that; also helped cut up some other vegetables to prep the day before.

Today, I brought over my Sweet Potato Soufflé that I’ve been making for the Holidays for a few years now.  The entire day, everything was fine.  Everyone was talking, laughing, watching football, watching a Christmas movie, laughing about how lame the parade was this morning (lol), etc.

The food was good! Everyone loved everything, especially the kids.  The kids were having a good time, laughing and joking around.  They all loved watching Christmas movies after we all had dessert. Most of the day was good….

The Bad

After the end of the movie, the kids were coloring in their coloring books and I was messing around on my phone.  My sister in law, who has an I.V. pole because she is an at-risk-pregnancy (and had a miscarriage in the past) was arguing with her husband about something with her I.V. bag.  She was getting frustrated with him and was going to storm off.  He tried to snatch her by her sweater and said that she needed to “cool it out or he would knock her out” (whatever that means).  I said “Hey,” abruptly because he was starting to let his anger come out and not only was I worried about my pregnant sister in law (who, I’ll be honest, I’m not that close with)…but more so with my OWN husband…

…whom, if you’ve read my past entries, KNOW that he also has a major temper.

My mother-in-law told me not to get involved…which, honestly, I was fearful what was about to happen…




I hear my husbands voice echo through my in-laws house.  And all I thought was, “Oh no…here we go..”

Apparently, my husband heard my sister in law say (when her and her husband were fighting in the bathroom), “Don’t put your hands on my neck” and my husband lost it!

Suddenly, he and my brother-in-law are in each other’s faces.  My brother-in-law started name calling and threatened to “shoot his ass with his gun” and my husband threatened to beat my brother-in-law if he touched or hurt his sister in anyway.

Of course, everyone is trying to get them to walk away and calm down, my kids are crying…and I’m unsuccessfully trying NOT to cry. It was a mess!


Now…I’m sitting here…STILL at my in-laws…wondering why this all keeps happening…

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