A Culture Shock(?)

I am very surprised how fast the time goes by! My last diary was more than two weeks ago. To be honest, though I have a lot of problem in English still, I am getting used to “living abroad”. During this two weeks, my flat had run out of hot water twice! It was freezing because heaters malfunctioned at the same time. Because I had never imagined the situation like this in Japan(If it happened,  it would be when a disaster like earthquake occurred.),  I was shocked even though I heard from some Japanese expatriates it can happen sometimes in European countries. Besides, too sensitive fire alarm had been switched on falsely so many times! When it alarmed at midnight once, I thought it was true alarm and traumatic. But it turned out that it was false and unbelievably annoying. When I shared this experience with some local people, they always said it can possibly happen sometimes. I finally understand this is EXACTLY living in Britain. Okay, cool.

Also, I saw working cashiers in a cheap supermarket have seats and some of them even chew gums! I don’t intend to argue whether it is rude behaviour or not(If some Japanese see this, they must be pissed I believe though). Actually, I like this and it is a really good point for me, because working people don’t have to be stressed out very much on this working environment.  In Japan, even staff in a convenience store which isn’t thought as a rich-people-oriented groceries shop are forced to be unnecessarily polite to their customers so of course they are not allowed to have a seat nor chew gum. Probably this is a good aspect of Japan; Japanese people are very polite everywhere and anytime because Japanese are likely to be trained anywhere to offer high quality service regardless of salary they receive(These days, the trend I mention here has changed a bit). But, this makes working in Japan very tough. In Britain, the quality of services seems to be controlled much or less based on how much money you pay and salary workers receive. What do you think?

I complain about various kind of things,  but I am happy to come here and have never thought I want to go back to my country. I would like to talk about it next time.

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October 17, 2018

I love the idea of studying abroad (I haven’t done it). I think it’s great to see and experience new things, new concepts. I live in the US and I want to visit every state. I want to see how others live. I want to visit Germany and Italy someday