Studying abroad, how can I make the most of this chance?

When I cooked meal just now, a Canadian flatmate asked me, “what’s gonna do?” probably, but I answered what I did today because I thought that I was asked what I did today. I am not sure because she won’t tell me anything if I make mistake. I feel embarrassed about it, but it is quite understandable for me because she may just want to be polite, not to offend me, or telling each my mistake is very bothering for her. Whenever I feel sorry about not having a good oral English skill particularly, I remember the words from my gastroenterology doctor in Japan.

“Being embarrassed as much as you can.”

Probably he wanted to say, “Don’t be afraid of being embarrassed”. Actually, I am always encouraged by this word from the bottom of the heart. Because it is only one year and six months given by my visa to spend time here in the UK, I don’t have any time to regret my poor English. What I can do from now on is only to listen to learn what they say with subtitle or something and speak as much as possible. Anyway(I made diversion again), his words really helps me a lot when I try to speak English in class or other places. I cannot go back to Japan without any improvement in English, mental strength or whatever.

As for academic experiences,  I am really keen to making the most of this chance even though my local classmates look at Facebook during class. Because I had three-year work experience, now I realise that studying something is really special chance(I should notice it earlier then I could make the most of my undergraduate experience).  I pay double amount of tuition compared to UK/EU students. To be honest, the fact makes me bold a bit more here as well. I invested whole my asset to come here literally(Still I can go back to my parents’ house) and I never want to waste my money. I am not afraid of disturbing them in terms of my poor language, though I feel sorry still of course. Furthermore, I totally fund on my own unlike other students who come to master courses directly from their bachelor degrees. They are financially supported by their parents or guardians. I can say that they are very lucky. In addition, my age makes me do so possibly. I used to be very shy and unwilling to speak in front of a big audience but now, I am in late twenties and I feel more courageous much or less.

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October 1, 2018

One suggestion I’d make for making the most of your time here is to look for quirky things to do instead of (or as well as) the usual touristy things.  There’s plenty of offbeat things in the country that’ll give you interesting stories to tell

October 2, 2018


@williamthebloody Thank you for your suggestion! Because I have been to this country fifth time before, I totally agree with you. A lot of quirky things are drawing my attention now.

October 1, 2018

My son studied abroad and loved it! he spent almost 4 months in Germany

October 2, 2018

@kaliko Your son took you to Germany and gave a good opportunity to stay abroad(right?), amazing:)

October 2, 2018

@ank0 no he went there one term in college. he speaks German very well