What meditation has brought me


Some have been practicing for years, others only recently. But all of them say that they have found meditation to be a precious help, whether it is to gain inner peace, to face life’s difficulties or to free themselves from their wounds.

Thanks to meditation, I’ve found peace of mind. Meditation helps me to turn difficulties into opportunities.
Meditating is good for my health. Meditating helps me to love myself better.
Meditating has freed me from my inner wounds.
Thanks to meditation, I’ve found peace of mind
I used to be a particularly fast, nervous, stressed-out person. I wasn’t walking, I was running. I was thinking about a thousand things at once. I was never at peace.

One day, I did my first meditation session. I sat down in a suit, closed my eyes and let myself be guided. I let go completely. I stayed for an hour without moving, without moving, without calculating, without thinking, without planning, without worrying, without thinking, without planning, without worrying… One hour to take a deep breath, to listen to my breathing, to feel its effect on my body, to watch my thoughts go by…

I rediscovered a precious feeling I had known as a child: that of isolating myself in my bubble, in the middle of the crowd, to better capture everything that is not material, quantifiable or measurable.

It has become for me a physiological need, like eating or drinking! In the morning, I start with greetings to the sun and stretching. To stay calm throughout the day, I use sophrology techniques and in the evening I meditate before going to bed.

This new daily rhythm naturally slows me down and allows me to take the necessary distance to remain Zen in the face of life’s events. I have also learned to listen to my intuition. I’ve noticed that often, at the end of a session, when I come back to the present, I have a good idea to solve a situation that has been troubling me for a few days and for which I couldn’t find a solution.

Meditation helps me to transform difficulties into opportunities

Like water on the surface of a lake, emotions are the wind that sustains the waves. And those waves prevent us from seeing what’s below the water’s surface. As soon as emotions are channelled, the surface of the water calms down and then it reveals a world below.

For the past five years, I have been practicing daily. Meditation brings me stability of mind, serenity, confidence… Freed from fear, each day is a hymn to life, to joy.

In difficulties and trials, meditation allows me to maintain the course of my existence. I welcome difficulties in order to transform them into opportunities. I fully inhabit this world in transformation, a source of anguish for some, a moving universe of all possibilities for me.

Meditation helps me to find my right place, to give meaning to the events of my past and present life.

Through it, I perceive how the whole human family is connected, how the world is articulated and what my place is in it.

Every day I learn humility, patience and active wisdom. I also observe the extraordinary richness that dwells in all of us and whose presence we can only perceive with a stable and balanced mind.

Meditation is good for my health.
From my first meditation session, I felt a very clear decrease in my anxiety. Over the years, I have learned to be more emotionally stable. This has helped me to quit smoking and alcohol, among other things. I have also discovered a greater ability to cope with everyday problems.

My sleep has improved: no more insomnia! I have acquired a greater ability to eliminate fatigue.

It is our inner state that determines our health: day after day, by experiencing joy and happiness through meditation, I strengthen my immune system.


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May 3, 2020

Undoubtedly, meditation  has so many benefits; it feels good just reading your post.