Kill the inner voice..

You know that little person in the mind..

Always giving advice, comments or whatever pops his mind.. Thinking he knows the best way to handle you.. Always present, never asleep..

Even when you try to sleep, he has some answers you didn’t asked for.. Might even be that he acts like a fool by giving you the same memory over and over again..

We’ll he ain’t any less in my mind.. He does love repeating stuff and keeping me in the past.. Blocking me to move on..

When I think I convinced him otherwise, he gives me the emotional crap..

No, I’m not life-tired.. I used to be, but managed to get above that, by talking to people..

Still, I need to move on and tell him it is ok to let lose.. This in orde to get my life back on My rails and maybe on the long run get what I desired most..

What I desire most is pure and simple.. Something every human been needs in her or his core needs..

True & pure affection..

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May 22, 2020



May 27, 2020

That be Tony but he’s if you pardon the pun, a good fella.