Microdosing. I love the visual effects! Maybe I will have a REAL trip soon. Has anyone here tried it?

We have a good summer. With good summer I mean WARM and, lotsa and lotsa sun!!

Having lunch on the patio walking out on the first floor these are the best days of my life. As the sun shades are gushing in the wind reaching towards the blue skies I lay back taking the time to let the sounds of the day break over me, like the waves on a lazy day at the beach…

How do I feel? I feel like the future is an eternity away… I feel like I am immersed in the moment… I feel like I want to call it… uhmm… mindfulness?!

My GF “lets me know”: I am full of S#!t. What do I know about “mindfulness”!? being just an arrogant prick.

This does not reflect very well on me now does it… But I guess that’s the whole point of it all, right?

I don’t know why I just said that :-/





BTW: my gf aka bff told me she will go sailing with me next year 🙂


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