Politics 101

I am following Trump on Twitter, Why? How often is it you can follow the main character in your favourite reality soap in real time? It is my guilty pleasure… I had no interest in politics before, but this… It is the ultimate battle, the good, the bad and the ugly. This, is epic!!

So I came to know what is often referred to as “politics”. I had no bearing on it before. Extreme this and intolerable that, I had to figure it out myself. What does all this words mean, left and right, right? and conservative and liberal, yes? All this words with subtle meanings and little innuendos associated, you can Google it forever. I had to find my own way making sense of it all. It took a while but I came to visualise it like this: if you could huddle a group of people in each corner of a small room and you name the four corners of the the room “left”, “right”, “liberal”and “conservative”, each according to their political orientation. And if for the purpose of the experiment you pick people of the most extreme orientation to partake, then this is how I think I would name the groups that would end up in each of the four different corners of the room:

  • “left” -> Antifa
  • “right” -> ku klux klan
  • “liberal” -> Hippies
  • “conservative” -> Amish

Multiple choice, pick one from the above.

Which corner would it be? Pick me, pick me, I am a Hippie     🙂     Wooohaaa (I love you forever) !




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October 25, 2019

There should be a group right in the middle called the idiots…..I think with five groups the spaces will be much smaller and then there would be more secrets?  But then I am Canadian so I am in a group of my own…..

October 25, 2019

@jaythesmartone I am not american either, I just enjoy the freak-show from the sidelines 🙂 It is a small room,but maybe there is just a little room left for you and me, right in the centre of it all 😉