So I had to read his watsap again, just to give a true account of the events that has aspired:”Dude, we are not going any more. Will catch up later this week.” EOM.

I discussed it with my mother whom I visit. Being in town on really short notice, it might be that I was not invited to the “do”, or else they had a fight, not going anymore. The latter more sad than the former.

I make a point of visiting my mother at least once a year. Given that we live worlds apart staying a few weeks is not strange for me. The arrangement I have back home also makes it possible. I wonder how I would answer if ever confronted with it “Yeah, we have been separated but now we live together again”. So I can do whatever the I want. Yes, but I am not alone. I am not that freak no one would love. And because of that, I am granted the time to visit my mother without being “that guy”. No, I am more happy than you can ever imagine since my mother is kind-of my best friend, ever.

Have I told you much about myself? Move along, despising the normal hush-rush of everyday suburbian life, yet here I am. Here I am, at this very same spot asking myself the same questions once again.

Writing brings comfort to my sole, its funny. I like to put some music and start writing. Just splatting my thoughts out on paper. Listening to Kina Grannis right now, so comforting…

Somewhere beyond the sea
She’s there watching for me
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms
I’d go sailing


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September 28, 2019

Family is always good to see but never live with them as an adult……